10 Creative Pregnancy Halloween Costume Ideas

Judy Dutton | Sep 24, 2014 Pregnancy

painted halloween belly

Halloween is almost here, pregnant ladies! So rather than searching high and low for a costume to hide your baby bump (cause, hey, it's kinda hard to hide that baby!), we have a better idea: highlight your belly instead. That's right. Show it off. Make it work. There are so many fun, creative ways to make that beautiful belly part of your costume this Halloween. 

To help get those creative gears turning, we've rounded up several awesome maternity costume ideas that run the gamut from funny to frankly a little bit horrifying. Fake blood not required. And don't worry -- there are no pregnant nun costumes here -- these ideas are way better!

Some of these costumes are easy enough to DIY with a little body paint, cardboard boxes, and stuff around the house. Others require a little more (fake blood and) get-up-and-go (and thus, the helping hands of your not-so-pregnant partner).

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Trust us, you and your baby bump will be the hit at any Halloween party you bless with your pregnant presence. Now, let's get working on that Best Halloween Costume trophy.

pregnant halloween costumes