Pregnancy: Month 9, the Home Stretch

The ninth month of pregnancy! You're in the home stretch. The time right before you deliver is, um, an unusual period, physically and emotionally -- and moms around here are talking about it (snapping pics, too -- abbey_08 was in her ninth month in that picture right there.)

I read a funny (and too true) Journal post by Gaia_Rain about being in the home stretch of pregnancy. Here's what she had to say about it.


Observations from a lady in her 9th month:

Hairy legs are sexy.

I no longer feel guilty about making my husband walk across the house to hand me the remote, despite the fact that it is three feet away from me.

Those little motorized wheelchairs at Target ROCK while Christmas shopping. If someone gets in your way, just knock into them a little bit. They'll move, trust me.

Slippers can be worn every day. Even in the snow.

Again, hairy legs are sexy.

I'm thinking about getting my husband a hooker for Christmas.

Granny pajamas are sexy, too.

Pink flannel pajama pants with snowflakes on them are appropriate for any occasion. Plus, they match the slippers.

If your mother spends all day at your house, it will put you into labor. Especially if she's a nag.

The only time I don't have to pee is when I am peeing.

Ha! I loved it. What about you? What are some of your thoughts on being in the ninth month of pregnancy?

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