New Drinking & Motherhood Study Shows ​You Might As Well Just Not Get Pregnant

pregnant woman with a glass of wine

Here's a newsflash: moms can't win. No matter what parenting style you adhere to, what you choose to name your child, or where you decide to live, it seems like each and every decision just makes you look like a bad parent. And here's further proof! A new study, completed by Bristol University in Australia, just revealed that one single night of binge drinking while pregnant can basically ruin your kid for life.

According to researchers who tracked over 4,000 participants over a decade, even one night of heavy drinking (which is defined as having four or more drinks) can make children more hyper and lead to a poorer academic performance. And it seems to include that one drunken night a week after sperm met egg. So basically, you're already a bad parent even before you find out you're pregnant.


Isn't it ironic? How many babies were conceived because of "one drunken night"? Raise your hand and don't be shy.

It's all bad.


Because we can't win.

If you don't know you're pregnant and have a fun night out, how is that fair? If you don't know you're pregnant, you don't know you're pregnant. Simple as that.

Sure, the study might tell us something about alcohol use during pregnancy in general, but we've battled with and debated the positives and negatives of drinking during pregnancy. Some mothers subscribe to the belief that one glass of wine won't hurt. Others abstain from the booze altogether.

Isn't making them fear for their future child's mental health and learning performance over one drunken night a little ... much?

Now, in no way are we arguing that going out and getting sloshed while pregnant is a good plan. It's not.

But there are plenty of moms out there who can attest that this study is just more proof that you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Hey, at least you're not alone!

How much did you drink while pregnant?


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