Kate Middleton's Baby Name Predictions From the Expert Who Picked 'George'

Okay, chances are you have probably heard a little something along these lines: Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting their second child! OMG. What a way to brighten up a Monday!

So, we're all basking in this pregnancy news. Who doesn't love the thought of a royal baby-to-be? But most of all ... which baby name will they choose? We have to talk names. Right now. That's the first big decision Will and Kate will make ... and we can't help but wonder, hypothesize, and generally obsess about it already.


We talked to baby name guru Laura Wattenberg, founder of BabyNameWizard.com and NameCandy.com, to get the scoop. She accurately predicted Prince George the first time around! 

Wattenberg says the royal parents have always shown respect for tradition and the need to represent the monarchy with dignity. Yet they protect their privacy as well, carving out a zone of normalcy as best they can. That points to a name choice that's regal and traditional, but without the symbolic pressure of a choice like Elizabeth or Diana. Here are her top choices:


Albert: Great-grandpa George VI was christened Albert. It may seem an unlikely choice to Americans, but it's a current top 100 name in England.

Arthur: By legend, this name is as kingly as they come -- and it's Prince William's first middle name. It would be a tricky choice if young Prince Arthur were ever to become king, because choosing a Roman numeral would require declaring the legendary King Arthur fact or fiction.

Frederick: This name has royal heritage both in Britain and across the continent and is increasingly fashionable in the UK today.

Philip: A namesake for Grandpa is always appropriate, and the Prince Consort isn't the kind of icon who "owns" his name. It could also be a nod to both sides of the family, via mom's sister Philippa (Pippa).

James: A timeless staple of English naming and another opportunity to recognize both sides of the family via a sibling of Kate.

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Alexandra: You'll find this ultra-regal name throughout their family tree; it's Queen Elizabeth's second middle name.

Alice: This understated classic suggests the classic English girlhood of Alice in Wonderland as much as Prince Alice, daughter of Queen Victoria.

Caroline: A name of two Hanover queens, and a gentle way to honor Prince Charles, since Caroline is a feminine form of Charles. (Charlotte is another similar option.)

Louisa: Every form of this name is well represented in royalty and in current British baby name trends.

Mary: Don't overlook the ultimate classic. Like George, it would mark a return to the simple and traditional.

What do you think Will and Kate will name their baby?

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