Decorating the Nursery

baby's pink nursery

My sister, who happens to be my best friend, was the first person to find out I was pregnant -- after my husband, of course! She is an interior designer so we immediately started talking about what was most important -- the baby’s nursery. At the time, my husband and I were renting a one-bedroom apartment, but I was sure that in the course of nine months, we’d be living in the lap of luxury, and my baby would have her own room, if not her own wing in our new house.


Well, you know how these things go. The baby was born and we were still living in the apartment. It was a beautiful place, the first floor of an old house with a working fireplace, hardwood floors, lots of windows, and tons of character. But there was no bedroom for Sophie.

Gone were the dreams of my overly pink décor accented with white wooden letters spelling out her name across the wall. There’d be no gilder next to the built-in bookshelves and no diaper pail for discarded Huggies in the recesses of the room. The window seat, piled high with pillows and stuffed pigs, was not to be.

But I had a healthy baby and a creative sister, so we were able to forge our way forward and created a nook like no other for little Sophie.

Sophie slept in a wooden cradle that had been passed down through two generations. My sister sewed little bumper pads and sheets out of the most adorable material that captured my love of pink and pigs perfectly. She devised a way to dangle a mobile right over Sophie’s head and, because the crib was right smack in front of a window, made some dark-out roman shades that were kept down for privacy. We found one of those folding room dividers at a garage sale, and my sister painted it white and set it up at the end of the cradle.

Sophie’s nook was in the corner of the dining room. There was no door to shut, but that meant we never needed an intercom. It was an adorable space even though it was not a nursery by my original standards. We could sit in the kitchen, 15 steps from her bed, and talk or watch TV in the next room and she was perfectly fine right where she was. To this day, I attribute her ability to sleep through anything to starting her life in a nook in the dining room.

By the time our second baby came along, we were in a house. Ben got a nice room with big blue clouds painted on the walls. He had a fluffy rug at the foot of his crib and the long-awaited bookshelves and rocking chair.

As fate had it, Ben was a crier and was only happy when he was sleeping right next to us, a bedroom away. And so, I always keep that in mind when my friends are sinking tons of money into perfect nurseries. They are lovely to look at, but in the end, your baby can be just as happy in a nook in the corner as in a room decorated for a king.

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What was your most creative use of nursery space? 

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