Sonogram Captures Unborn Baby Giving Parents 'Thumbs Up' (PHOTO)

ultrasound machine

Before you've even given birth, chances are you've seen your baby plenty of times. All those scheduled pregnancy ultrasounds gave you a chance to catch a sneak peek of that little nugget long before the due date. And sometimes, you might get to see something incredible. Just take one dad who found his baby giving a thumbs up in the sonogram.

This is not a joke. And you have to see the actual shot dear old Dad uploaded to Reddit to believe it. Take a look at the one-of-a-kind pic:


sonogram baby thumbs up

In case you were wondering, parents, the little one is doing just fine in there. No complaints, it seems.

And why would there be? Mom and Dad actually managed to get the rare sonogram that shows something other than an amorphous blob.

Sure, sure, you may have seen plenty of pictures during the regular checkup ultrasounds. But did you actually get a good look?

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Chances are, no. Most of the time, those sonograms are beyond confusing, and maybe you couldn't even spot the baby in the beginning. And then sometimes, you get a perfectly timed shot of a hilarious moment ... this is definitely one pregnancy picture that's worth sending around.

What was your baby doing in their sonogram photo?


Images via clarkmaxwell/Flickr; meancloth/Reddit

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