Is Registering for Expensive Baby Shower Gifts Greedy?

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Let's be honest: baby showers aren't just about celebrating your pregnancy with family and friends. They're also an opportunity to make a dent in that long, long list of stuff you need to buy for your baby. Even so, you might be wondering whether the really expensive items -- like strollers, car seats and cribs -- should go on your baby shower registry, or if that will make you seem greedy.


The answer? Experts say it's totally fine for a baby shower registry to include big ticket items.

"If you need an expensive item like a stroller or car seat, it’s okay -- and probably expected -- to put those gifts on your registry," says Megan Frisbee of party planning site Gig Salad. And after all, odds are certain close family members will want to give you a substantial gift, and you've just made the task of guessing what you'd like that much easier. Plus, a few friends may even want to chip in on a big gift for you together.

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That said, there's a limit to how many expensive gifts you request. A baby registry should be a mix of costly and inexpensive -- reflecting your actual needs.

"Give your guests plenty of options," Frisbee advises. "Include alternative, less-costly items as well, like bibs, bottles, pacifiers, or blankets. Your rich aunt might love getting you that super-expensive stroller with a built-in DVD player, but your best friend who has three kids might appreciate picking up a cute outfit instead."

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So be sure to include various price points, with plenty in the $20- and $30-something range. Nothing's worse for baby shower guests than feeling forced to buy a super-expensive gift because all your cheaper options were already bought up!

How much do you typically spend on baby shower gifts?


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