7 Baby Shower Rules Worth Breaking

You've been charged with throwing a baby shower, and you want it to be ah-mazing for your expectant friend. Yet the image that baby showers first conjure up in your mind -- of well-dressed ladies primly sipping lemonade on a Sunday afternoon, husbands nowhere to be seen -- just doesn't fit your pal's style. Well, to heck with all that then! Baby showers are steeped in antiquated traditions, many of which should have been jettisoned along with girdles back in the 1950s. Here are 7 baby shower rules worth breaking, plus some fun, more modern ideas to celebrate a baby's arrival in style. 

Baby shower tips every host needsRule #1: Invite women only. "That's silly and a dated tradition!" says Megan Frisbee, a Brand Ambassador with GigSalad.com, an online marketplace of over 50,000 entertainers for hire across the U.S. and Canada. "Since when isn't the father of the baby included? Include both parents by throwing a BabyQ (BBQ) and bring everyone together to celebrate the little one."

Rule #2: Make guests play corny baby shower games. Who hasn't been subjected to awful games like "Taste the Poo" (melted candy bars in diapers)? "They're meant to be fun, but more often than not, it feels more forced," says Frisbee. Nix those games and give the guests a break: Instead, have guests write down their parenting advice and horror stories on a scrapbook page. Still fun and far more useful.

Rule #3: Host it at a home. "Traditionally, baby showers are hosted in someone’s home, but this is an easy one to break," says Frisbee. "Why not reserve a room at a local coffee shop, quaint winery, or cute crepery? You won’t have to worry about cooking, dishes, or cleaning up. And the last thing you need is more stress, so give yourself a break. Let someone else do the dirty work."

Rule #4: Throw it on a Sunday afternoon. "With the hectic schedules and the never-ending to-do list that most people have, spending three hours on Saturday or Sunday at a baby shower is not something to look forward to," says Simone Jones Tyner, an event planner and blogger at SimoneJonesTyner.com. Consider instead hosting a baby shower happy hour one weeknight after work. Or you can also do an open house with a block of time that guests can roll through, chat with the expectant parents, enjoy hor d'oeuvres, and roll out, skipping all the games and fuss of a traditional shower."

Rule #5: No alcohol. "A lot of baby showers don't have alcohol because the mother-to-be can't drink," says Limor Suss, lifestyle expert and founder of TrendsGirl.com. While you want to make sure to have mocktail options at the shower, your guests will appreciate a glass of bubbly or wine.

Rule #6: Girls = Pink, Boys = Blue. "There is a world of color out there!" points out Tyner. "Why just limit your baby shower to the traditional colors of pink and blue? Get creative with color schemes like yellow and gray, teal and orange, or aqua and red."

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Rule #7: Open gifts at the shower. "It's so boring: How many times can you 'ooh' and 'ahh' at a onsie?" says Tyner. Plus, it can point to some uncomfortable comparisons on who could afford what.

Did you break any rules for your baby shower?

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