Jill Duggar Might Be Delivering Her Own Baby

Jill Duggar (oops Jill Dillard ... we will get there) is one decisive young woman. She dropped baby bombshell news just two months after saying "I do" to Derick Dillard (where they shared their first kiss in front of an intimate crowd of 1,000 people). Now she's telling us how she will deliver her first born: Jill Duggar is planning a home birth.

If you've watched 19 Kids & Counting, you probably know there's no 23-year-old more qualified to make such an important decision so quickly. Girlfriend is a trained midwife who has delivered more than 70 babies already in the US and abroad. And let's not forget she's one of the oldest of 19 siblings in Duggarland. Unlike many first-time moms, she knows what to expect now that she's expecting.

Still, even with her experience and non-squeamishness about anything birth-related (bet she was more nervous about the sex that got her preggers ... just sayin'), it seems surreal that Jill Duggar is now Jill Dillard and she's having a baby at home. Sigh. How do we keep up? Do you think she should at least consider another setting for her first birth?

Moms, we know how hard it is to make that decision. You meet several OB/GYNs and decide on the perfect one (knowing you will never be lucky enough for her to actually deliver your baby). Then you consider the midwife route. You look around your living room and wonder where you could possibly deliver. You take the tours of the hospitals, chat with the labor and delivery nurses, maybe even check out the room service menu. (Giving birth makes a girl hungry, no?) Your partner tries to be supportive through the whole decision-making process even though, deep down, the emotional anguish of you pushing his kid out of your vagina sometime soon makes him want to scream.

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All doctors and nurses don't necessarily give birth in hospitals. All celeb moms don't always have zen-like home births and regain their size-0 figures post-delivery. And all midwives don't necessarily go that route. Many moms-to-be delay decision-making until they see how their pregnancies progress ... to make the most educated choice for them and their baby.

So who knows what will happen with Jill. Maybe she'll stick to the plan, maybe she'll decide to go to the hospital or a birthing center. There's no shame in doing what is best for her ... or for any mom!

Did you know from the get-go what kind of birth you would have? How did it change during your pregnancy?

Image via Jill Duggar/Instagram

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TheSi... TheSilence

If she's a midwife why would she go to an OBGYN? She obviously believes in what she does or she wouldn't be doing it.

nonmember avatar Jenn

While I fully believe home birth unless medical reasons say otherwise, it is NEVER advised to have a completely unassisted birth, regardless of one's training in midwifery or medicine.

If she were to encounter a complication, there is a high probability of needing help. AT LEAST having another qualified individual present, even if everything goes perfectly and the mother is never touched, is what responsible parents do. I have every faith the Dillards will take these precautions.

Brittany Shaver

I had a baby at home at 23. 10lbs 4oz. More power to her!

Buffy... Buffymom9

Maybe she will go to a hospital, maybe not?? I predict not.

Buffy... Buffymom9

@ Jenn, of course the medical institutions will not only advise mothers to not have an unassisted home birth, they advise no home births at all. It would be very rare for a mother to give birth entirely alone but a trusted partner is more than likely available. As such, I disagree that a home birth, not assisted by a midwife is not advisable. There are mothers, such as myself, who prefer to give birth on their own, relying on help from their partners if necessary.

Mommy... Mommynwife26

I doubt she won't have a midwife with her or at least her sister who is a doula, her mother who's given birth 16 times a few of them home births herself or her sister in law who had all 3 of her children at home.

nonmember avatar bg

If you're going to do an article, please get the facts straight. Jill hasn't actually completed her training yet, so she can't deliver babies on her own (much less deliver her own child without assistance). She is only able to deliver babies under the direct supervision of a fully licensed lay midwife.

Cathy Cleary Roche

My first birth was in a hospital where the nurse insulted me for having natural child birth, and instead of letting my son warm on my own body, they insisted on taking him away to put him under heat lamps. My second birth was also in a hospital and they gave us the wrong baby's discharge info. My youngest son was born at a birthing center, and it was an amazing experience.

Holly Renee

I think it's great! WTG Jill :-)

Ashley Danielson

Half way through my pregnancy I decided to have a home birth.

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