Jill Duggar Is Having a Baby!

Jill Duggar Derick Dillard

If you blinked, you may have missed Jill Duggar (now Dillard) and Derick Dillard's courtship. They met, traveled through Nepal with Jill's dad Jim Bob in tow, got engaged, and married in a nanosecond. And now Jill Duggar is pregnant!

Word has it, after taking several negative pregnancy tests, Jill's sisters convinced her to take just one more at her parents' house. Her mom, Michelle, has 19 Kids & CountingWho wouldn't want all that baby juju floating around while waiting for results? Whatever it was, it worked: Jill was elated when she finally got her positive pregnancy test.

Moms, who won't own up to taking 10 pregnancy tests hoping and praying for different results? We've all been there ... analyzing if it's too soon in our cycle to check, waking up at the crack of dawn to deliver the most concentrated pee to test, and waiting for five years minutes for the results. We can so relate, Jill!

There's nothing like the feeling of learning you're pregnant. It's an unforgettable, life-changing moment for any mom-to-be. You also look at your husband in a completely different light when you learn you created life together.

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The couple, who are due in March, are having fun sharing their pregnancy joy. Jill and Derick gathered the whole Duggar clan together about a month after they got married to deliver the news. Yes, they were in shock ... but that didn't stop them from clapping and cheering. If any family loves babies (and the chaos that comes along with them), it's the Duggars.

Are you excited to learn Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are pregnant? Do you think they will make good parents?

Image via JillMDillard/Instagram

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nonmember avatar meghan

Oh goody, the cult is expanding! Why haven't you written about the other Duggar story in the news today? Afraid people will see these fundies for the loons that they are?

Agnes Newman O'Neal

Congrats to you both The Lord has truly blessed you I am so Happy that your family has started off it will be here at Easter when life is rejuvenated what a blessing

Allison Marie Barber

Good people creating good people. W every child born of this family, the world is a better place.

nonmember avatar carol

Congratulations Derick and Jill!!!!!!!!

Olivia Loverink

Looks like someone got pregnant before the wedding...

nonmember avatar julie

She got pregnant on her honeymoon not before the wedding// Duh.........

Snapp... SnappleQueen

Considering that Michelle's hate campaign was defeated, I guess she needs some good news. Congrats to her daughter. 

Aamy Aamy

Makes you wonder if she was preggo BEFORE the wedding ........  not surprised that they are already collecting for their horde.  Wonder what their "letter" will be. 

nonmember avatar jessica

I absolutely love them! My husband and I are on our 5th!

nonmember avatar funnymommy

A month after they got married? Wow. They know each other so well I'm sure. All the time they took to get to know each other and than they waited a few years into their marriage to make sure they were compatible right? Oh wait. That makes perfect sense so I'm sure the Dochers oops I mean Duggars did not follow any kind of sense. No they follow a book of fables written 3000 years ago. Wish that the best, totally calling out the worst. Only a matter of time before it comes out how these loony birds are nothing but a bunch of mental cases. Waiting for the sexual abuse stories to come out...all that permed hair daddy liked I'm sure was totally innocent.....rrriiigghhhttttt. Feel bad for these kids and their oppressed upbringings. Thanks Michelle for personally taking it upon yourself to take years of woman's rights that were fought for with blood sweat and tears away by making submission and lack of education look cool because the book of fables/Bible and what we think 'god' said. These days someone says they talked to a burning bush we would call that schizophrenia but hey back then there must not have been ANY mental illness at all right??? Bahahaha stupid sheep.

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