Drinking Coffee While Pregnant May Be More Harmful Than You Think

Pregnant moms: It's time to break your caffeine addiction. A new study shows that drinking coffee while pregnant is "significantly associated" with childhood leukemia.

The study, published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, claims the leukemia risk increases by up to 72 percent for kids with moms who drink high levels of caffeine compared to those who drink little or none. High levels of caffeine are classified as more than two cups per day (over 200 milligrams).


Caffeine has been associated with cancer because it is believed to act as a "DNA inhibitor." It's time to put the coffee cups down ... unless it's half-caf or decaf, right? 

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No java jolt is worth the risk of ever increasing your unborn child's chances of leukemia by 72 percent. Yes, moms have done it for years (they even drank alcohol and smoked back in the day), but new findings evolve motherhood ... if we listen. What was once considered safe isn't always safe.

Pregnancy is all about putting your child first. Every. Single. Day. You give up wine, sushi, and some of your favorite scents because they now make you vomit. You readily sacrifice your body, your sleep, your identity (you are mom-to-be now, not just a woman) for your unborn child. Cutting down on coffee is just one more thing you should add to the list. You can give up anything for nine months to give your baby the best shot at life ... no shot of espresso will ever give you the rush of delivering a healthy baby.

Do the findings of this study change your mind about drinking coffee while pregnant?

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