Domain-Friendly Baby Names Are the Hot New Trend: How to Pick Your Own

pregnant woman computerWhen searching for baby names, the possible inspirations are endless. You can look to the family tree, maybe pick from your favorite animated flick, or even go the old-school route and pick a vintage one. But would you ever consider their future on the world wide web to be a major factor in choosing a name? It turns out that there's a whole new trend for soon-to-be-parents: picking Internet domain-friendly baby names.

To get to the root of the new online-geared trend, we chatted with naming expert Laura Wattenberg, the founder of BabyNameWizard, to find out just how important it is to choose a baby name based on domain availability and if you should get what she calls the "ultimate vanity license plate."

Her suggestions:

  1. Make it a fun tie-breaker. Don't go into the naming process thinking, "I will choose whatever name has an open domain." Bad idea. Instead, Wattenberg recommends making it a small, but fun, factor when narrowing down to your final name. Maybe you're stuck between two, but one domain name is still open. That might become your front-runner.
  2. Think about why you're choosing it. Is there a reason that domain name is still available? Maybe no one else wanted it (hint, hint). "Sometimes, you focus too much on uniqueness that you wouldn't know why no one else has already taken it," says Wattenberg.
  3. Don't change spelling for the domain. "Never talk yourself into a name you don't truly love," says Wattenberg. "And don't pick a different spelling just to get a domain name. It'll complicate everything for that child every day."
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  4. Consider middle names. Maybe Sophie Jones is taken (it is, I checked), but Sophie Jane Jones is open (it is, go wild!). You can still keep the name you love, but think about including the middle name when trying to get a unique domain.
  5. Technology changes fast. Think about it this way: 10 years ago, parents might have been choosing names based on AOL screennames. If domains are the "big thing" right now, you'll never know what the next technological advancement will be in 20 years, when your child goes to college. Never make a major decision based on something that could change.
  6. Buy it, and buy it fast. If the domain is available and you really want it, don't wait to buy it. As soon as that birth certificate is signed, make the official purchase.
  7. But don't use it. "Don't put a child's baby pictures on there," says Wattenberg. "Buy it as a keepsake that they can use later if they want to." Don't use it as your own personal online scrapbook. If they decide to use it later, they don't want their baby pics all over the Internet.

Would you ever choose a domain-friendly baby name?

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