Couple Uses 'Share a Coke' to Share Their Pregnancy With the World (VIDEO)

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diet coke canIn a world where pregnancy announcements seem to get more and more creative by the day, it's hard to top the latest and best "we're pregnant" exclamation. So, one expecting couple went straight to their favorite beverage for some inspiration. Diet Coke has recently launched a new "Share a Can" program, so if you're anything like us, you're frantically trying to find your name printed on the side of a can. And for parents-to-be Whitney and Patrick, they're using their Share a Coke cans to make the big baby announcement.

Just check it out. The official moment will happen when you don't expect it.

How clever! The voices were a nice touch, but the "Mom" and "Dad" were clearly the sweetest moment. It definitely kept us entertained for just the right amount of time, had some sass and humor, and finally got into the news we were all expecting.

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It's cute, clever, and unique ... which is a nice change from the same ol', same ol'. Congrats to the soon-to-be parents!

How did you announce your pregnancy?


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nonmember avatar Kristi

That is the best one I think I have ever seen!

Seren... SerenityAscends

I'm such a wuss, and cried as soon as they turned the cans around. Lol! Congrats to them!! :)

lilma... lilmama31709

That was awesome! What a great idea.

MrsHi... MrsHiggins123

Now that she's pregnant, she should quit drinking that shit!!

nonmember avatar lizz burnett

So cute! Congratulations guys!

crazy... crazydaisydux

I blabbed before being able to think up a cute way to tell the world. This was adorable

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