12 Shocking Pregnancy Confessions Moms Would Never Tell the OB/GYN

pregnant woman prenatal visit doctorFrom the moment you start trying to conceive, you get handed a long list of "dos" and "don'ts" by doctors and friends. From sushi to smoking, there are dozens of things we're all supposed to avoid. Except ... being pregnant doesn't suddenly make you a saint!

Need proof? Moms dished up their most outrageous, "dirty" little pregnancy secrets, confessions they wouldn't even share with their OB/GYN or best friend.

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  1. "I don't think I've ever admitted this before, but I snuck a cigarette after a small glass of wine when I was about eight months pregnant."
  2. "I completely ignored the whole caffeine thing. I craved Coke Slurpees and during the dog days of morning sickness (which, for my first pregnancy, was basically throughout all of it), it's one of the few things that kept me going."
  3. "I didn't want to admit how depressed I was while pregnant. My midwife said it wasn't proven safe to take St. John's Wort, but I just wanted to feel a little more balanced again ... so I did it anyway."
  4. "When I found out I was having a boy, I was so disappointed and upset. We already had four boys from a combined family. I stayed in bed for two days depressed and told everyone I had bad headaches. It took me time to adjust to the reality that I wouldn't ever have a girl, because this was our last baby."
  5. "I rode a couple roller coasters and jumped on a trampoline."
  6. "I smoked some pot through most of my first pregnancy and half of my second. I'm not proud of the things I have done, but my kids are wonderfully healthy and smart."
  7. "I had a one-night stand with my ex-boyfriend, who is not the father of my baby. I was single for nearly my whole pregnancy, so I wasn't cheating on anyone. But it was my first -- and only -- one-night stand, and I feel ashamed."
  8. "I smoked cigarettes throughout most of my pregnancy. I am definitely not proud of it, and I remember trying to quit a million times. I cut back drastically though at one point (like one a day) and quit for the last one to two months."
  9. "I kept eating spicy fried foods even after I was told I had high blood pressure."
  10. "The prenatal vitamins made me nauseous, so I would say I only took them about 50 percent of the time ... and skipped them the other 50 percent. They were freakin' horse pills! When my doctor asked me if I was taking them, I would just nod."
  11. "I was super sex-crazed ... and had a threesome with my boyfriend (the baby's father) and a friend of his from work who was getting a divorce!"
  12. "My husband and I invented a sex position. We call it our pregnancy position, and it's kind of like a scissor with me on my back propped up by pillows and him on the side. Works really well and is the only one that is comfortable all nine months. But ... I was probably on my back more than I should have been! Oops!"

Can you top these? What's your dirty little pregnancy secret?

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Prett... PrettyWings29

No. Other than eating a bunch of crap food in my first trimester because different things sounded good each day and nothing sounded good twice, so I'd end up eating at a different restaurant each day. I still do to an extent but since my morning sickness isn't as bad, I've been able to eat healthier things. I cut down on caffeine once I heard it increased the risk of miscarriage. 

nonmember avatar Sarah O

I'm 26 weeks pregnant with Baby 2. I still eat sushi from a reputable restaurant, turkey from the deli, and drink coffee. I don't feel guilty at all. There are things that are *actually* bad for Baby,and those I avoid.

Eva8686 Eva8686

me too! I drink only 1 cup of coffee if i really need it (including ice coffee..my addiction..) eat sushi, deli meats, all in moderation. I won't do alcohol though!

nonmember avatar babycrazy

Some of those are pretty bad, but I don't take prenatals, I couldn't with my first it was the only reason I got sick, my doctor even tried B6 and another medication to help calm my stomach, I tried morning and night and eating and not eating, it didn't matter. I always ended up extremely sick. This time around we kinda just said screw it, on top of taking them and it making me sick, I already had horrible morning sickness and all the puking made me lose weight. I don't eat sweets and I eat tons of fruits and vegetables. The only meat I can eat is chicken unless it's ground beef and that's rarely, my only "dirty secret" is I drink soda. Other than that I'm healthy and so is my baby and I have started to gain weight regularly. I passed my glucose test and my doctor says my blood pressure is so good he wants to know my secret lol over all I'm extremely healthy, the only concern in my pregnancy is early labor because my son was early and this baby is bigger and my stomach muscles ripped a little bit just above my belly button.

nonmember avatar Heather

I can't believe people would do things selfishly like risk eating raw fish or uncooked deli meats, 15% of pregnant women get Listeria and their baby dies in utero... idk why you would risk it knowing you could kill your unborn child.

kashryn kashryn

Hmmm... I also got extremely sick from prenatal vitamins with my second pregnancy. When I told my practitioner she just had me switch to children's gummy vitamins instead.

Prett... PrettyWings29

You can eat deli meat, you just have to cook it first. And I agree with you, Heather. I quit smoking the day I found out, and I smoked for 10 years. It was hard but it's not just my body I'm dealing with right now, it's someone else's, and I don't want to risk anything happening to it because of choices I made during pregnancy. 

Prett... PrettyWings29

One thing that's been really hard is sleeping on my side. I'm normally a back sleeper so I haven't been sleeping that well at all. 

nonmember avatar Elizabeth

I'm 33 weeks and I still end up sleeping on my back most of the night. It's the only position that I can get any sleep in! :/ If I'm on my side my arm and shoulder fall asleep and wake me up.

nonmember avatar ao

II went to skxflags and rode every roller coaster there when I was 3 months prego, slept on my back almost my entire pregnancy, heck i even went muddin on a 4 Wheeler on my due date

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