Mom Disappointed by Baby's Sex Refuses to Quit Smoking & Drinking

josie cunningham A mom of 2 and notorious pregnant model from the U.K. is making international headlines after coming out swinging against ... her unborn baby. Josie Cunningham was so disappointed when she found out she was having a boy in October, she says she can't stop drowning her sorrows in wine and cigarettes. She also admits she would be behaving quite differently if she was having a girl.

In fact, she claims that after a psychic told her that her next child would be a girl, she quit smoking. But when the doctor confirmed otherwise, she resumed the bad habit. “I knew it could harm my child, but it didn’t stop me,” she told the Mirror. So, so wrong -- but also incredibly sad.

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While a mother's disappointment over the gender of her child is most definitely controversial in itself, I would never personally begrudge anyone for being bummed one way or the other. I can completely understand why a woman might have high hopes for either a son or daughter, especially if she already has one (or several) of the other. My mother-in-law raised four boys when she found out she was expecting. Of course she hoped it was a girl! If she was a bit sad when she found out it wasn't, well, that's perfectly normal and okay.

What's obviously NOT normal is to cope in the way that Cunningham is. Maybe you wallow a little, but then you quickly work to wrap your head around how you're going to warmly welcome that little boy or girl. You do everything you can to ensure you have a bouncing, healthy baby.

Ultimately, all any parent should want is to have a happy, healthy child, regardless of their gender. To wittingly work against that goal is nothing short of sick and selfish, abusive to yourself and to your baby. What Cunningham is doing is extreme and heartbreaking -- but it must also be a desperate cry for help.

How do you feel about disappointment surrounding a child's gender? How about how this mom is handling hers?


Image via Josie Cunningham/Twitter

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00NoW... 00NoWay00

If this baby survives, it should be taken away from her immediately. She is sick.

IKnow... IKnow0101

How is going to treat the baby once he's born?  She's drinking now so what is her plan if the baby is born with disabilities because of her actions?

LeeshaE LeeshaE

This chick is tabloid Ho in the UK so take what she says with a grain of salt, she just likes to stir the pot and this story is old. Pretty sure she said she quite like a week later. The new story is she sold tickets to the birth of her child.

kayba... kaybayblee3

That kid should be taken from her as soon as he is born, she should also be charged with child abuse.

nonmember avatar rgeaster

I was always very disappointed and became quite depressed when I found out I was having another girl. I was so sure this time I would have a boy! Beyond my disappointment, I wanted a healthy child no matter what so the thought of engaging in anything that would harm my child didn't even cross my mind. EVER! Agreed with kaybayblee3. She is selfish and clearly has abhorrible parenting and coping skills. Too bad becoming a parent doesn't require an application process, which includes mental and background checks.

nonmember avatar gsmomma

Why does it matter she's 23? Other than that pic makes her look 35 at least. I was 20 when I had my dd. I did everything nthe Dr told me to keep her healthy.

nonmember avatar Miss Ann Thrope

What happened to "My body, My choice"?

Kelly Morrison

Perhaps they should have her look into counseling. She may have a hormone imbalance or past experience with abuse, sexual or otherwise. I DO NOT THINK SHE IS RIGHT OR NORMAL. However, the only way to stop this is to identify the issue and work to assure she has professional intervention and someone to look out for the welfare of this innocent child. I personally cannot fathom feeling this way, but name calling and going on a witch hut will not help either of them. So, perhaps telling some one was a call for help and a look for intervention. Poor Baby, Poor mom.

nonmember avatar tulip

Gender disappointment is real and I felt it severely when I was told I was expecting a boy. Of course I would have loved him but instead, we ended up having a daughter (ultrasounds aren't always correct :) ). I can't imagine doing anything to hurt my baby, even if I was disappointed.

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