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Kristen Bell's Baby Bump Hits the Red Carpet (PHOTO)

kristen bellKristen Bell confirmed she is expecting her second child with Dax Shepard just last month, and we've been waiting for Veronica Mars/Princess Anna to show off her growing baby bump ever since. Last night she finally did, and if there's one thing we learned from her debut, it's that pregnant ladies are bringing sexy back.

Not only is she glowing because, hello, baby, but the dress accentuates her growing curves yet is relaxed and comfortable all at the same time. Check it:

kristen bell

Looks great, right? It's a shimmery black frock, but the peach neckline adds some nice delicate detail. Can you really notice the bump though? Maybe not. So check out the side view:

kristen bell

Whoomp! There it is! The gathered back brings all the attention to that itty bitty bump up front while adding some subtle volume to the whole look. And it's definitely Kristen's mommy style.

I dressed for my current shape. It was a lucky fit, sort of open and non-tight. I still like to feel sexy.

Hear that, pregnant ladies? Pregnancy shouldn't stop you from feeling or looking hot. In fact, all it means is that you do some adjustments and just dress for your growing figure. It doesn't matter whether you're naturally curvy, petite, busty, or athletic, pregnancy will alter your body and might majorly throw off your fashion options. But you shouldn't solely have to resort to shapeless sheaths and empire waists.

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Face it, that belly is the best accessory, and it can definitely double as your sexiest feature. Done and done.

How do you dress sexy while pregnant?


Images via Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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kayba... kaybayblee3

I personally think that dress looks unfinished.

BPayne09 BPayne09

The dress has no shape at all. Looks like somebody wrapped some fabric around her and pinned it into a massive mess in the back.

cjsje... cjsjellybean

It's awful!!  She looks like she's wearing a potato sack, doesn't give her any definition at all.

mrswi... mrswillie

I don't. Lol. I haven't been pregnant in over 18 years. And when I was, doctors warned against wearing heels while pregnant.

godde... goddess99

I don't like the dress at all. I dressed comfortably when I was pregnant.

la_be... la_bella_vita

I wouldn't have worn that dress pregnant, I wore more fitted items which drove my old-fashioned grandmother crazy, lol

virgi... virginiamama71

I don't like the dress.

when I was pregnant I just wante to wear comfortable clothes.

Apr1l Apr1l

Cute from the front,.bad from side and behind.

egypt... egyptian_mommy

I don't think anything could make me feel sexy while pregnant. Having the belly and ever growing boobs (mostly) covered and finding pants that actually stayed up were more important than finding something sexy anyway.

Kmakk... Kmakksmom

I never needed to when I was pregnant.

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