Man's 'Maternity Pics' Go Viral -- You've Gotta See This 'Bump'! (PHOTOS)

druishprincess69 reddit user maternity male photosOpting to do a pregnancy photo shoot is a pretty personal decision for any mom-to-be. Some of us are certainly more comfortable flaunting our pregnant bodies -- nude or not -- than others, and that's perfectly okay! But when one mom recently decided against posing for maternity pics, her husband chose to pose for "male maternity" shots as an alternative. Yes, really.

Austin dad-to-be Justin Sylvester, aka Reddit user DruishPrincess69, posted on the social media site, writing, "My wife didn't want to take maternity pictures, so I hired a photographer and took her place." The result: Viral sensation, obviously!

Check out a couple of photographer Kerri Lohmeier's priceless "man-ternity" photos below.


male maternity photos reddit male maternity photos reddit

Wow, just ... wow. No wonder these have taken the web by storm. Sylvester, who took the photos originally just for his wife, sure gets points for creativity and charm! It's hilarious. Then again, although it's obvious he did this in adoring jest, pregnancy is one of the most empowering things women can lay exclusive claim to ... Dudes can be doting dads, but "take our place" in maternity pics? Ehhhh, NEVER gonna happen -- clearly!

Lohmeier admitted to The Springfield News Sun:

It’s awkward, of course, because he’s a man. We couldn’t stop laughing.

We've gotta thank Sylvester, though, cuz his goofy pics serve to remind us just how legitimately beautiful we are when we're expecting (even if we don't think so), what a miracle pregnancy really is, and how guys only WISH they could be the ones who are lucky enough to be the ones growing a kiddo inside 'em for nine months! But they'll just have to settle for their burrito or beer gut babies 'til science determines otherwise!

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Images by Kerri Lohmeier Photography

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