Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher's Baby Name Could Be a Sweet Nod to Grandma​

mila kunis and ashton kutcherSo far, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have managed to keep pretty tight-lipped about what they'll be naming their baby girl, but it looks like their secret has finally been released, at least according to some unnamed "sources." Rumors are that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis' baby name is inspired by their own family tree, and their baby daughter will be named Finn.

What makes this one even more special is that Finnegan is Ashton's mother's maiden name. What a sweet nod to grandma!

Though it's traditionally a baby boy name, Finn (it was the 230th most popular name for boys in the United States in 2013) has actually started picking up ground as a moniker for a little lady. It means "white and fair," so it's perfect for a tiny and delicate babe.

Plus, let's not lose the most important part of all of this: the connection to Ashton's mom. Ashton and Mila are definitely not the first to look to the family for baby name ideas. Some have chosen names inspired by other family members directly, others have continued the lineage with a Jr., or some have even incorporated a relative's name into the child's middle name.

But the maiden name idea? It's something different and it's genius.

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So often, maiden names are lost in the family tree, especially since most parents choose to take on the father's or husband's name as the official last name in the family. But not this time around. If the rumors are true (and we hope they are because OMG, cute!), then the Finnegan name will live on in the Kunis-Kutcher household.

We're sure grandma would be absolutely thrilled.

Would you ever use a maiden name as a baby name?


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Cindy McGraw

Of course. What a great way to honor a family member.

nonmember avatar Hannah

Absolutely not. I hate my maiden name and was seriously considering changing it when I found my other half and he decided I could have his soon. :D. My maiden name comes from my nonexistent father and represents everything I never had. Can't wait to change it!!

Sarah Keys

My maiden name would make one heck of an ugly first name. Bulger.

nonmember avatar Kasi

My oldest son's name is Alex, my mother's maiden name is Alexander, so we shortened it, bc that's what he would be called anyways. My maiden name is a boys name, but I wouldn't name my kid that, bc it came from a low life scumbag.

nonmember avatar HMS

Using a maiden name is not really different or genius. It is an extremely common custom in the South, although typically one would use the name in its entirety for the formal name, rather than put the abbreviated form on the birth certificate.

Hollith Hollith

My son's name is Finnegan. I didn't name him after anyone, I just liked the name...I liked the song Finnegan's Wake and kind of took it from there.

nonmember avatar Jet

We did actually , on my fathers side there is a maiden last name of Marlow and we named our second daughter that.

nonmember avatar Carie

I was delighted when my grandson was named Alexander Cole as my maiden name had been Coleman. What a great honor.

nonmember avatar Kati B

That's exactly what I did for my daughter and plan to do it for my son - their middle name is my maiden name! I feel like I started a trend, but I've been told it's actually a very old-fashioned thing to do!

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