8 Best Sex Positions for Getting Pregnant

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When it comes to trying to conceive, couples are often inundated with a barrage of old wives' tales, myths, tips, and tricks that generally aren't backed by clinical research. Regardless, we all want to know whether there are certain sex positions to get pregnant faster. The bad news: It's not an exact science. The good news: There might be moves that can help! And hey, it can't hurt to practice! 


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"There's no magic way to get the sperm and the egg together and to ensure that happening," says infertility specialist Joshua Hurwitz, MD, OB/GYN with Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT). "There are a lot of urban legends floating around out there that do a disservice to couples, because they feel like they're not doing it right, and that's why they're not getting pregnant."

Nonetheless, anecdotal evidence -- and yes, even science -- supports trying a few positions before, during, and after sex to set the stage for an easier, and perhaps an even more successful, attempt at getting pregnant. Here, 8 to consider adding to the babymaking repertoire.

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