Kim Zolciak Makes Kroy Biermann Drink Placenta Smoothie

Kim Zolciak Kroy BiermannThere are certain things you can expect of your husband after you give birth. And then there's the request ... wait, scratch that ... demand Kim Zolciak had of husband Kroy Biermann right after giving birth to their twins. Kim decided she was going to suck down a placenta smoothie, and so was her husband.

Zolciak gave birth way back in December, but her maternity ward antics just popped up on the premiere of Don't Be Tardy, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star's new reality show. Now, a woman who just spent nine months toting two babies around in her tummy deserves a few diva moments, but this was a little over-the-top.

Kim didn't just ask Kroy if he'd try some placenta smoothie. She bullied him into it:

Don’t f**ckin’ back out on me, I just pushed out two of your children and one of them breach and my p*ssy’s tore to hell because of it. You are drinking the f**king smoothie Kroy.

Jeez Louise, lady!

Should a husband support your desire to eat your placenta? Sure. There may be some health benefits, and besides, it's your body ... your choice.

A new dad should also be shouldering at least half -- if not more -- of the parenting duties while a new mom is in recovery. Birth does a number on the body, and moms don't just want help; they need it.

That said, a lot of women make the mistake of treating their partners like crap after delivery, using the same excuse Kim did to make Kroy drink placenta -- essentially, I hurt, and it's all his fault. But ladies, it behooves you to remember it takes two to tango. You got you pregnant too.

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And supposedly you're in this position because you love each other. So how about treating him like a human being and the type of guy you'd want fathering your kids? He shouldn't be forced to do things he just isn't comfortable with doing, especially something as personal as ingesting a placenta!

What kind of demands did you have for your partner after birth? 


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youth... youthfulsoul

That was pretty gross. Straight up fresh chunky placenta smoothie.

nonmember avatar krystian

His one demand was getting me a fucking cheeseburger.

nonmember avatar Alyssa

All I wanted was a subway sandwich

Alyca... Alycat1188

All I wanted was a subway sandwich

Marym... Marymomto3

I didn't have any demands the man spent 9 1/2 months cleaning up my vomit and waiting on me hand and foot which he continued after all three of our babies, he still takes wonderful care of me and we've been married for 7 1/2 years.

joesa... joesafree

Fucking gross. Nasty.

Mom2S... Mom2Selena

I wanted someone....anyone to get me a pizza with garlic knots on the side

Devin Steiner

Eating the placenta has become widely popular over the last few years, especially with celebrities.

nonmember avatar carol may

Why is eating the placenta a benefit to parents? Blood, dead cells, flesh, sounds cannibalistic to me, I did have info it was good for mother to eat placenta, but don't some wild mammals _mother eat the placenta for health reasons. Not sure I could do it, but never say never! Good parenting Jessica and you sure found a great husband/father to your children! So proud of you!!!

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