Trendiest Baby Names of All Time Are NOT What You'd Expect

pregnant woman looking at baby namesMost moms' reaction to celeb baby names like Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's daughter), Bodhi (Megan Fox and Brian Austin-Green's little one), and North (West, of course) usually amounts to one gigantic eye roll. After all, isn't it crazy to name your kiddo something so "trendy"? Well, turns out, those quirky names aren't nearly as trendy as we think, according to intriguing statistics from scientist-blogger David Taylor.

Taylor charted name popularity via chromatographs (graphs that indicate the speed at which something reaches its peak popularity, versus its volume/popularity overall) to pinpoint the truly trendiest names, which will most definitely surprise you! Here, the top 10 trendiest girls' and boys' names.


For girls:

  1. Linda
  2. Brittany
  3. Debra
  4. Shirley
  5. Ashley
  6. Jennifer
  7. Deborah
  8. Lisa
  9. Jessica
  10. Betty

For boys:

  1. Dewey
  2. Jason
  3. Grover
  4. Mark
  5. Woodrow
  6. Gary
  7. Brian
  8. Larry
  9. Scott
  10. Donald

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Wild, right?! Those names are NOT at all what you might've expected -- Dewey? Grover?! -- but hey, those are the names that have actually enjoyed the biggest waves of "trendiness," according to Taylor's data. Just goes to show that parents who want to avoid a "trendy" baby name, so that their child will have a unique one, don't have to worry so much! You'll still probably be pretty safe if you go with something a bit off-beat. That is, unless that quirky baby name -- Tuf or Happiness, perhaps? -- becomes the next Linda or Jason. But clearly, we don't have much control over that, as only time will tell!

Does this change how you think about "trendy" baby names?


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