Mystery Surrounding Christina Aguilera's Baby Bump​ Is Kinda Creepy (PHOTOS)​

Christina AguileraHear that sound? That buzz is the Internet going on and on about the raunchy cake Christina Aguilera supposedly ate at her baby shower. But while all eyes were focused on that cake, we noticed something a tad disturbing.

What the heck happened to XTina's baby bump? The Voice judge just posted a photo to Twitter this week of son Max protectively cradling her belly, calling him out as the world's best big brother. But then came the photo of Aguilera with her cake at a baby shower that supposedly happened on Saturday ... and no belly.

Did somebody actually Photoshop away a pregnant woman's belly? Is this how far we've come, America?

Here, do a comparison.

This is the photo Aguilera posted on Monday:

And here, the supposed photo of Aguilera at Saturday's shower, tweeted by a fan's account:

The face is the same, but something's missing, don't you think?

No matter how you slice it, Aguilera could not have made her own bump disappear, which means what? Is the photo a fake? If it is, why would they purposely choose a not-pregnant Aguilera photo to pair with a baby shower cake?

And if it is really her holding that cake, what the heck have they done with her stomach?

It's really hard to suss out exactly what happened here, but the sad thing is ... it wouldn't be a terrible shock if this was a Photoshop job, if someone decided a "thin" version of Aguilera was somehow better, even at a baby shower.

Society doesn't respect pregnant women.

Not their needs. Not their purpose. And certainly not their bodies.

At the Oscars just this year, Fashion Police co-host George Kotsiopoulos actually took aim at Chris Hemsworth's heavily pregnant wife, Elsa Pataky, poking fun at her "beer belly." The poor woman was nine months along with twins, and she looked amazing. But all someone could think to say was something snide?

And let's not get started on the fat shaming directed at Kim Kardashian over and over and over again during her pregnancy with North West. The woman couldn't move without someone claiming they'd spotted some cellulite.

Celebrities bear the brunt of this because they're the public faces, and as such, these brutal attacks happen out in the public eye, but don't kid yourself -- mainstream American moms are internalizing it. An estimated 30 percent of pregnant women in our country don't gain ENOUGH weight during their pregnancies.

OB/GYNs are now forced to contend with pregorexia and other eating disorders at a time when women should be focused on giving their bodies as much love as possible, not denying themselves food and exercising themselves to death. And the grocery store checkout lines are littered with magazine headlines promising to help you lose the baby weight in no time flat, paired with photos sporting impossibly taut tummies of postpartum celebs -- celebs who have oodles of dollars to spend on nannies and personal trainers and don't have to worry about returning to work after just six weeks at home with their newborn, photos that are often, yes, Photoshopped. 

So what happened to Christina Aguilera's baby bump? Who knows ... but if someone Photoshopped that photo, we can't say that we're surprised.

Disturbing. Creepy even.

But sadly ... true.

What do you think of the photo? Where did Christina's baby bump go?


Image via Twitter

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nonmember avatar kayla

to me it looks more like her right arm is just under her boob, and the angle hides the belly curves under her arm there.

nonmember avatar emma

I was watching that fashion police episode and I will admit that I laughed when he said that because that is what i was thinking too. Btw he said that dress made her look like she had a beer belly and like I said before I agreed!

fave82 fave82

I feel like my brain exploded while reading this. That whole rant escalated from a pic of a pregnant girl that doesnt look that pregnant. SHEESH.

And the fashion police thing is totally out of context. That dress was not flattering, pregnant or not.

Courteney Sturgess

She is pregnant here, its probably the angle here's another picture from the event.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Elsa Hemsworth did look like she had a beer belly, that dress wasn't flattering at all. Her stylist should be fired.

mompam mompam

I think her arm is covering her belly. She probably picked this picture because it was flattering.

nonmember avatar Jocelyn

Thanks fave82 you saved me for having to type that lol.

nonmember avatar KC

I've seen other pictures from the shower, it's not a picture from her at another time. In other pictures she's standing and obviously pregnant like the pap picture with her son. The cake picture is just a strange angle and she's holding up the cake so that covers most of her stomach.

nonmember avatar Laura

I don't think the body is hers the skin tone of her face and neck don't match up of course that could be her make-up but i doubt it.

luvmy... luvmybubs

all you can see is belly and the way her arms are framed around her belly it makes her look like she is tiny with a tiny waist but it's just an illusion. Even when she is thin she is way more curver than that.

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