20 Pairs of Baby Names for Twins of the Opposite Sex

twinsWhen you're expecting twins, you've got your work cut out for you. In addition to carrying around two extra little people in your belly, you've got two of everything to prepare and purchase -- and two names to pick out. No pressure there!

Expecting boy/girl twins? Check these 20 sets of super cute names that begin with the same letter. Also, good luck.



1. Hazel and Hugo. Julia Roberts and Emily Blunt both named their daughter's Hazel, making it a somewhat quirky but not totally unconventional name. And Hugo continues to be on the rise as a hot name in Europe -- it's currently a top 10 name is Spain, France, and Sweden.

2. Emma and Evan. Ever since Ross and Rachel named their baby Emma on Friends, the name has continually climbed the baby name charts, currently sitting at number two. And Evan, a Welsh variation of John, landed at number 55 last year.

3. Madison and Mason. Madison has long been a popular name, but it seems to currently be on a downward trend; where Mason continues to rise ever since Kourtney Kardashian gave the name to her son.

4. Taylor and Tyler. A little matchy-matchy, a little WASPy, but cute if you want your twins' names to really go together.

5. Vivienne and Val. Vivienne is the name Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie gave to one of their twins (along with Knox), and Val, although it might conjur up the image of popular late 80s/early 90s actor, is a cute name for a little dude.

6. Ava and Alexander. Ava, which is currently number 5 on the hot baby name list, is the name celebs Reese Witherspoon and Hugh Jackman both gave to their kids. Alexander, which means "defending men," has been a top 25 name since 1991.

7. Chloe and Caleb. Chloe, which came in at number 14 last year, compliments Caleb, which means "devotion to God" well.

8. Sophia and Samuel. Since 2011, Sophia has been the number 1 girl's name in the United States; and Samuel, which Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck chose as a name, has been in the top 25 for a while now.

9. Eva and Ethan. Eva, which means "life," came in at number 88 last year, while Ethan, which means means "strong, firm," came in at number 6.

10. Penelope and Pax. Penelope saw a surge in popularity after Kourtney Kardashian gave the name to her daughter, as did Pax, after Brad and Angie chose it for their son.

11. Savannah and Sebastian. Also the name of a town in Georgia, Savannah has been rising in popularity recently, landing at number 37 last year. Sebastian, which came in at 45, has some cute nicknames: Bas, Baz, and Seb.

12. Lily and Luke. Lily is the most popular "flower name" out there, and it goes great with Luke, which, means "Middle English and Anglo-French form of Lucas."

13. Dylan and Dean. Dylan is typically more popular for boys, but we think it's quite adorable for little ladies. It goes well with Dean, which means "church official."

14. Naomi and Noah. Both cool, sort of throw-back names, but be warned: If you want original, you may not want to go with Noah, which was at number 1 last year.

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15. Imogen and Isaac. Imogen is currently the most popular baby name for girls of 2014, and Isaac is a sweet, more traditional, pairing to it.

16. Juliette and James. Juliette is the French variation of the U.S. Juliet -- oh la la! And it goes well with James, which was number 13 last year.

17. Christina and Christian. If you want to go super matchy-matchy, you can give your little cuties names that lend themselves to the same nickname: Chris.

18. Grace and Gavin. The old-school Grace (think Grace Kelly) pairs sweetly with the new-school Gavin (think Gavin DeGraw).

19. Avery and Aiden. Avery adorable means "ruler of the elves," while Aiden, also adorably, means "little and fiery."

20. Claire and Clive. The French version of Clara, Claire came in at number 49 last year. And Clive, which may bring up the image of hunky British actor Clive Owen, is yet to become popular in the U.S.

What's your favorite name combo?


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