Breaking News: Men Treat Pregnant Women Like Crap

When I was pregnant and commuting on the New York subway, I quickly noticed something strange: Men would typically not give up their seat for me. Even if my noticeable eight-month bump was about two inches from their face, they wouldn't budge. Why? Good question!

So I was not surprised to read this story by a pregnant commuter who struggled to find a seat on the Chicago subway, surrounded by sitting men. Eventually a woman offered up her seat to her -- which also does not surprise me since that's usually what happened to me. And this odd shift in chivalry doesn't just happen on subways.


Women, I've found, are just nicer to pregnant ladies, period: They'll happily help us carry our groceries or let us cut in line to use the bathroom before that bundle bouncing on top of our bladder causes us to pee our pants.

So why are women the ones kinder to pregnant ladies rather than men? For one, I think women are more tuned into pregnancy, period, and pregnancies in their vicinity. Men just don't notice, even if it's right in front of them (having their noses buried in books or iPhones sure doesn't help). 

But I also think that if a man does notice a pregnant woman standing on a subway or struggling to carry some heavy bags, he's not helping her for other reasons as well. Deep down, I'd theorize that some of these men are thinking, "Hey, it's an equal opportunity world now -- so why should I have to inconvenience my day just because a woman's pregnant? Or why can't that non-pregnant lady over there help her out instead of me?" 

Since women don't share this chip on their shoulder, they are more than happy to help. 

All I can say is: Thank you, ladies, for proving that chivalry is not entirely dead.

Do you agree that women are nicer to pregnant ladies than men? Why or why not?

Image via Frank De Kleine/Flickr

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