13 Baby Names Inspired by Famous Places Across America

USA map flagiStock.com/EduardoLuzzattiAs Modest Mouse croons, "and it's true we named our children after towns that we've never been to," baby name inspiration can strike at any moment. It can happen when you're watching your favorite movie, admiring your favorite painting, or maybe taking your annual cross-country road trip. So while you're driving through the Rockies or laying on the beaches of Florida, you're never too far from a possible baby name.

We asked moms who named their babies after famous places, cities, or states in the U.S. to share the inspiration behind their baby names picks. There are so many possibilities out there in our great big nation. Here are some very cool, all-American options and what moms had to say about choosing them:

  1. Austin -- "If I have another son, he will be named Austin. Though I've never been to the city, I like the name."
  2. Brooklyn -- "It was a possibility if our child was a girl. We were looking up baby name threads on CafeMom and found Brooklyn as one of the names and fell in love with it. But our little babe turned out to be a boy. Still works!"
  3. Brycen -- "I named my little guy Brycen after Bryce Canyon in Utah. It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen."
  4. Camden -- "Named after Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland."
  5. Dallas -- "It was the city I was born in and the city where my Grandma Grace lived when she died. Dallas is a flourishing city and I believe in the power of names."
  6. Indiana -- "Indy for short. I love 'place names' and considered Brooklyn but that's where I live so it seemed too strange. [My husband and I] started running through all the state names, and once we got to Indiana, we both agreed immediately, unanimously, that that's it. Plus, we're both fans of the Indiana Jones movies so that was a nice bonus."
  7. Memphis -- "I've always loved the name," and the city's great too!
  8. Monroe -- "My grandma made my dad's middle name Monroe because he was born in a town called Monroe."
  9. Nola -- "I named my youngest after Down's N.O.L.A. CD, which is short for New Orleans, Louisiana. So by default, yes, I did."
  10. Phoenix -- "It's also after the X-Men character and the mythical bird. Plus, my husband thought it would make a cool gamer-tag when he got older."
  11. Savannah -- "It's where my mother-in-law was born." And another mom tells us: "I have a Savannah because I love the beach, River Street, and because I think it is a gorgeous city that I love to visit."
  12. Shiloh -- "My daughter is named after a Civil War battlefield. I'm a big Civil War buff and just thought Shiloh was a beautiful name."
  13. Trenton -- "My husband loved it there."

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