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When it comes to labor and delivery, you're the star of the show, natch, but your husband or partner will probably be right there with you -- with an up-close-and-personal ring-side seat. How will he react to seeing the birth of his child?

MRS.LYONS29 said her husband was wonderful -- and not even a bit nervous -- when he witnessed the C-section delivery of their baby. She asked other moms in Pregnancy how their husbands reacted to childbirth. I've compiled a few of the responses.

How some husbands and partners reacted to watching the birth of their child:

My husband thought it was awesome -- he said it was the most beautiful/gross thing he's ever seen. -- abellvalerie

My DH was fine until he got squirted with amniotic fluid! When our dd came out, a large gush of water hit him and everyone else near my feet. His face turned three shades of red then four of green. It was so funny, but the poor guy was disgusted. -- lovemybabys1106

My son was born at home and I was squatting at the end of our bed with my SO sitting behind me. He was basically holding me when our son was born, and we saw him emerge and I heard him whisper, "Oh my God..." in my ear in the sweetest, softest voice I've ever heard him use. He was in awe! -- Pandana

My husband was excited but grossed out -- he's since been referring to my vagina as "ground zero" and my baby is 8 months old now. He was a bit annoying, too -- "There's the baby's head. Wait! He went back inside. No, wait, there's the head!" I didn't need anyone to tell me what he was doing -- I could feeeeel it! -- Lovin_LiL_ViC

What about you? Is your husband or SO nervous about the birth? Or if you've given birth before, how did he do in the labor and delivery room?

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rocko... rockonrugby35

idk yet, but I think he might pass out for a second or two, haha.

welde... welder_mom

I am pregnant with my 4th. With my first (my daughter) against my wishes she was born in a hospital. When I went into labor her father was asleep and told me to wake him up when i had to go to the hospital, when I did that, he went to work. He showed up later and slept on the couch in the delivery room. Then when our second was born (our son) he wasnt there at was more important. My 3rd has a different dad, however the father of my first 2 wanted to be there for me and promised me he would. The biological father told me from the start he wouldnt be there. The other one was there and then left 15 minutes before he was born to go to work (see a pattern).

Now I am pregnant with my 4th by my fiance (yet another man, i know, i know) and he is so excited, he is involved with everything, naming, the nursery, morning sickness, he is doing everything he can to help me out and make me feel as best i can and I think that is a good indication that he will be a very good birth partner too!

nonmember avatar Vaibhav

this is not a comment, the doctor told me neither you nor your mom means no one can be there in labour room, what is this? doctor is closer than husband or mom?

nonmember avatar Mylilyraine

My husband was awesome through all 3 of my deliveries, held my hand through the contractions and held my leg through pushing. He cried like a baby at every birth, it was so sweet how emotional he got!

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