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When it comes to labor and delivery, you're the star of the show, natch, but your husband or partner will probably be right there with you -- with an up-close-and-personal ring-side seat. How will he react to seeing the birth of his child?

MRS.LYONS29 said her husband was wonderful -- and not even a bit nervous -- when he witnessed the C-section delivery of their baby. She asked other moms in Pregnancy how their husbands reacted to childbirth. I've compiled a few of the responses.

How some husbands and partners reacted to watching the birth of their child:

My husband thought it was awesome -- he said it was the most beautiful/gross thing he's ever seen. -- abellvalerie

My DH was fine until he got squirted with amniotic fluid! When our dd came out, a large gush of water hit him and everyone else near my feet. His face turned three shades of red then four of green. It was so funny, but the poor guy was disgusted. -- lovemybabys1106

My son was born at home and I was squatting at the end of our bed with my SO sitting behind me. He was basically holding me when our son was born, and we saw him emerge and I heard him whisper, "Oh my God..." in my ear in the sweetest, softest voice I've ever heard him use. He was in awe! -- Pandana

My husband was excited but grossed out -- he's since been referring to my vagina as "ground zero" and my baby is 8 months old now. He was a bit annoying, too -- "There's the baby's head. Wait! He went back inside. No, wait, there's the head!" I didn't need anyone to tell me what he was doing -- I could feeeeel it! -- Lovin_LiL_ViC

What about you? Is your husband or SO nervous about the birth? Or if you've given birth before, how did he do in the labor and delivery room?

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My2J.... My2J.A.P.s

My hubby was great, he stayed by my head most of the time feeding me my ice chips.  He did sneak a peek once the head was out and said it was really "weird" and "pretty cool".  He actually said that watching me get the epidural was the hardest part.... that effing sucked because I was contracting so hard and fast and was in so much pain.  But it was sooo worth it.  He definitely did great overall.

hokey... hokeymama2

My hubby is a nurse in the NICU(as was I at the time), and our first daughter was an emergency c-section.  He did a wonderful of staying by my side and comforting me even though I know he wanted to rush to our girl, but she was in the capable hands of our fellow workers.  She spent a little time in the NICU with a breathing tube, and when it was time, he was the one to take it out.  At the birth of our second child, he pulled favors to get me the anethesiologist that we wanted, who was wonderful.  Now we are not far from having our twin boys, and he has everything and everyone we want in the OR ready and on standby.  It is very comforting to know that he is there to take care of it all, and be there for me at the same time, so all I have to do is relax.  Now the question is, will he be able to sit still when/if the twins comes early and need to be "worked on"?  At least I know if he jumps in, they are in capable hands! 

lizpo... lizpoulette

My husband wasn't grossed out per se but poor guy had to hold one of my heavy legs (I had an epidural) for atleast an hour! For him the whole experience as that, an experience. Guys don't really know what to expect!

nonmember avatar Mary

My teacher said that he loved being in the delivery room. He thought it was beautiful and ridiculous that other women scream in pain or need drugs. He said that his wife focused and didn't make one sound. He thought that the way the baby comes out is amazing and everything that the human body can do is amazing.

Snowb... Snowbug925

Our home birthing plan scared the crap out of my husband!  This was my 4th birth, and his second, and our first together (did that make sense? LOL)  Since I'm a doula and have been for 24 yrs, I thought for sure, I'd do my last birth at home, like I had always dreamt of.  Nope... fate had something more in mind for me! 

I had to have an immediate and pronto c-section at 38 weeks, and of course, he was right there by my side the whole time.  I was mortified, and I could tell he was too, but he really tried to hold it together.  After they did the spinal on me, I felt like I couldn't breathe so good, and told him so, and I could feel him start shaking in my hand. 

He repeated a thousand times, over and over again, "its going to be okay honey.. you're going to be alright"  Over and over again, like a broken record and I could feel his fear in his touch.  I felt like I needed to comfort him at that point, without letting him know that I could tell he was scared; and so I stopped the tears, and started smliing at him instead, and we soothed one another.

So, because of that, it was a distraction of the fear that I had, and I'm soooo grateful he was there!  Seeing HIS face, when we heard our baby cry was a memory burned into my heart forever and ever... 

CherB... CherBearCM

My hubby was a pretty good coach once he came back, lol.  The nurse told him it would be a while before I had to start pushing and so he won't home for awhile.  He kinda freaked out a little which is why he left.  He got back shortly after I started pushing.  I told the nurse I wasn't pushing till he came back but of course that didn't fly.  But he stayed at my head and fed me ice chips and allowed me to squeeze his hand.  He encouraged me throughout and that's about all I really remember of it, it was so long ago, lol.

idnam89 idnam89

im not pregnant yet. but my fiance wants me to get pregnant here in a week or two while hes home from the marines... how do you think the birth and everything will go over with him... or even me... without him there?

Liz0808 Liz0808

He did ok. You could tell he was VERY nervous. He held one leg while my mom held the other and he stared at the wall almost the whole time. Then he proceeded to cry when he held Max for the first time. I wasn't sure if I would cry and I held it together until I heard him say "Hi, I'm your Daddy." like he was introducing himself. It was too cute And i cried for the next 20-30 minutes.

Katie... KatieCrandall

I would have liked for mine to be a little more involved during the easier labor stuff, just to help keep me entertained better.  He was great during the important stuff, though.  When I really needed to buckle down at the end, he was very encouraging, but in a really soft voice...somehow he knew exactly when I needed, even though I didn't! 

He said the only gross part was actually when I threw up, since I hadn't eaten anything in a day (it was pretty nasty).  Still, he's held my hair plenty of times when I've thrown up, yet THAT was the gross part!  The gaping hole down there after Baby came out (apparently, even though there was nothing coming out at the time, things stayed very open) wasn't pleasant, either, but he was more in shock by that than grossed out.

Rebec... Rebecka83

Dh was great..He held my hand he ran and found my nurse ( it was taking them forever to get to the room after being paged) when the first time I asked for the epidural man he was making sure I got it haha and I wasnt even that bad I wasnt yelling and screaming or anything I just said ok epidural now! He held one of my legs the entire 75 minutes I pushed everyone kept asking if he needed a break and hed say no...He did fall over backwards when our ds popped his head out and the cord was around his neck 3 times and tight..Thats when I had nurses throwing my legs by my head one pushing down on my stomach and the dr trying to pull the cord off so I don't blame him. I would do it a million times if every labor was like this one and my dh was as awesome as he was!

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