Mom Takes Miscarriage Pill Only to Find Healthy Twin Baby Hiding in Uterus

newborn babyHow's this for a sunbeam of light on a dark day? A mother who lost a baby to miscarriage, then underwent treatment for the miscarriage, found out she'd been carrying twins ... and the twin survived the pills Michelle Hui took to clear her uterus after her miscarriage! It doesn't get much more miraculous, folks!

The whole thing happened back in 2012, but Hui's story has only now gone viral -- along with photos of her, her husband, and their three kids. That includes 18-month-old sweetie Megan, who held on for dear life in momma's womb.

It's a wonderful story.

But it's one that highlights an uncomfortable issue for pregnant women: the ultrasounds we count on to find out information about our baby are not always 100 percent accurate.

See, it turns out Hui had no less than five scans -- count 'em, five -- and was continuously told she had miscarried. It wasn't until after she'd taken medication and was going in for a D&C that doctors found the remaining baby. Fortunately, Hui went on to have a normal pregnancy, and Megan was born in February 2013.

How could this happen?

It's rare. So rare that her doctors say they've never heard of it -- especially the bit about a baby surviving the abortifacient that Hui took after her miscarriage. 

This shouldn't send moms into a panic.

But it bears noting that the scans that didn't detect the baby may not be that unusual. In fact, a study released in 2011 claims that ultrasound guidelines could lead to as many as one in every 23 women being told they'd miscarried when they were still pregnant!

Just a little something to keep in mind when you start itching for more ultrasounds ... it might not be worth it!

How many ultrasounds did you have during your pregnancy? Did they pick everything up?


Image via © Mareen Fischinger/Corbis

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Morri... MorriganzMommy

I don't understand. Wouldn't they have been testing het levels and such. I've had a few miscarriages including a D&C to remove a pregnancy that stopped growing. My doctor took her time declaring that miscarriage just that. I was never offered any pill in all th miscarriages I've had. What is this pill for exactly?

nonmember avatar krystian

With my first I only the normal ones.

My twins, had one every single appointment.

Fondue Fondue

Morriganz--Cytotec (brand name) is a pill that can be prescribed to complete a missed miscarriage in lieu of a D&C. Given the choice, I opted for Cytotec. Unfortunately, it did not work for me and I had to go in for a D&C anyway.

nonmember avatar missy

I've had one early miscarriage at 7 weeks. They gave me pills yo clear out my uterus because it wasn't expelling all of the left over product that was left in my uterus from the pregnancy, and that can be toxic and make you sick. My urine tested positive for pregnancy even after the miscarriage for about a month. Until it was all expelled, and the hormone level went down.

sammi... sammiesro

I got pregnany july 4th of last year. about 6 weeks in I woke in the middle of the night with cramping and went to the bathroom. I had a large gush of fluid and a large lump of tissue. I called my doctor immediatly and he said that it sounded like a total miscarriage. I went in the next day but I had stopped bleeding immediatly after the initial gush of fluid. He didn't want to do a transvaginal ultrasound for this reason. He sent me to have blood work done every other day for 2 weeks to track my hormone levels. Went back in 2 weeks later and my levels had steadily been rising. They do an ulstrasound and found not only an empty sac but another baby. It's called VTS vanishing twin syndrome and isnt all that uncommon. After a long and challenging pregnancy I gave birth to an 8lb 12 oz daughter. We named her Georgia Pearl and she is perfectly healthy. Im still sad about the other baby that we assume was a boy (twins on both sides, always boy girl) we named him Silas Allen.

Booko... Bookoholic

My mom got pregnant with quads and miscarried three of four. They didn't know till quite later that number four was still alive and healthy. This was her fourth pregnancy.

nonmember avatar guest534

I had two miscarriage, two live births and my fifth pregnancy I bled from six weeks and assumed it was a miscarriage and thought to wait it out. Miscarried a large clot/sack around 12 weeks. Still was bleeding after a few we3ks. Went to the ER to make sure what was going on. They did an ultrasound and said to me theres the heartbeat. I was in total shock I had miscarried what guess to be a twin and my daughter survived. The only affects being iugr and delayed bone growth.

atknr... atknrkmom

With my first son, I had a total of 4 ultrasound. The location of the placenta put me at risk of placenta previa.  They had to make sure the placenta moved away from my cervix as my pregnancy progressed. I had the confirmation ultrasound, the anatomy ultrasound (when they discovered that my placenta was very close to my cervix) and one at 30 week and another at 36 weeks to measure the movement of the placenta and ensure that I would likely not have any problems with delivery.

With my 2nd, I had 2 ultrasounds. One was a confirmation that he was there and the other was his anatomy ultrasound. 

MyMommy MyMommy

I have 5 children and all of my pregnancies were considered high risk. I had no less than 6 ultrasounds and with my youngest child I had 10.

nonmember avatar Teresa

I had a perfectly normal pregnancy but during my 20 week ultrasound they could not find the forth chamber of my son's heart. They sent me back two weeks later and said they found the forth chamber and that his heart was perfectly normal. He was born at a hospital without a NICU, and turned blue a few hours after he was born. He in fact did(does) have only 3 chambers. His heart is also backwards and he has no pulmonary valve. During my next pregnancy, I was talking with my ultrasound tech and he said the heart issues my son has should have been easily detectable during an ultrasound. On the bright side, we were close to a very good children's hospital and my son is healthy and thriving despite his heart issues.

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