30 Arguments Parents Should Have Before Baby Arrives


sleeping pregnant couple

Nothing says "I love you" quite like coming together to make a child, right? Yeah ... about that. Welcoming a baby into this world is a magical, mystical experience. That is up until the moment when you and your partner get into a rip-roarin' blow-out fight over one of the many (many, many, many ...) parenting issues you're suddenly facing.


Sorry to burst your love bubble, but there's nothing like being head over heels for your baby to make two people with differing opinions really butt heads. But if you're pregnant, you're lucky -- you still have nine months to get all this squared away!

Here they are ... the 30 arguments to have BEFORE it's time to bring that baby into the world:

1. Family bed or "No way, no how is that infant getting in between us!"?

2. Spanking or time-out?

3. His last name, her last name, or how do we combine the two?

4. Unusual baby first name or stick with the classics?

5. First poopy diaper change: Mom, Dad, or let the nurses take care of it?

6. Bottle, breast, or a little bit of both?

7. Vaccinate or "Don't you dare stick a needle in my kid!"?

8. Whose responsibility is it to tell Granny she needs to call before she comes over?

9. Should godparents be family or friends?

10. Pacifiers or thumb?

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11. Babywearing or stroller?

12. Hold them to sleep or let them cry it out?

13. Daycare or somebody's staying home?

14. How long is too long to go without sex?

15. Placenta: stash it in a doggy bag or trash it in medical waste?

16. (If bottlefeeding) Who mixes the formula?

17. (If bottlefeeding) Cold formula or warm that stuff up?

18. Circumcising or keeping him intact?

19. Open door on the delivery room or make the mother-in-law stay home?

20. All-natural birth or "Get me the drugs the moment I ask for them!"?

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21. Granny, the nanny, or let's get someone a little younger?

22. Get me a push present or save that money for diapers?

23. Political/sports team onesies or let's let this kid make up his own mind?

24. Piercing baby's ears or let's wait until she's old enough to clean them?

25. Photos on Facebook or let their Google trail start after they're potty trained (at least!)?

26. Umbilical stump cleaning duty: Mom or "I just had 14 hours of back labor, your turn to do something!"?

27. Dad during delivery: at the head or down below?

28. Home birth or hospital?

29. Baby talk or let's start this kid off with language we actually want her to use one day?

30. Calling each other Mommy and Daddy -- sweet or sorta weird?

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