JWoww's Natural Cure for Back Pain Was a Really Bad Idea … Ouch! (PHOTO)​

jwowwPoor JWoww. Sounds like the girl's had a rough pregnancy. From the Jersey Shore star's rude dig by TMZ to her awful morning sickness, carrying a baby girl has been anything but sunshine and roses for Woww. And now, eight-and-a-half months into her pregnancy, Jenni revealed that, in addition to everything else, she's suffering from painful sciatica (think an uncomfortable burning feeling radiating down your spine, leg, and butt -- fun!).

Adding insult to injury, in an effort to ease the pain of her sciatica, JWoww managed to give herself frostbite so bad that it ripped some of the skin off her her back (ick, see below). That's correct, the reality star gave herself frostbite mid-June. Doctors advised the mama-to-be to take Tylenol, which is generally considered safe during pregnancy, but JWoww wasn't having it. "Even though my doctor said it is okay to take Tylenol, I like to avoid it all costs," she said. "So instead I tried an ice pack with a cloth side."

JWoww's frostbite

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Although the results of Jenni's homemade sciatica remedy were ... less than ideal, you've gotta give the girl credit for going with her gut and avoiding Tylenol, even though her doc told her it was okay. (And sciatica can be painful.) Just because something is deemed "safe," doesn't mean all pregnant women will be comfortable with it. And, like in Jenni's case, if you're not, better to avoid it or peace of mind if nothing else.

But man, that frostbite looked painful.

Have you ever taken Tylenol during pregnancy?


Image via JWoww/Instagram; Jenni Farley

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Fondue Fondue

I haven't taken Tylenol, but I did see a massage therapist and a chiropractor for my pregnancy-related sciatica pain. And I'm smart enough to not leave an ice pack on for more than 15 minutes.

Waiti... WaitingforApril

I've taken lots of Tylenol while pregnant to deal with headaches.

nonmember avatar Elizabeth Ward

I took tylenol throughout both my pregnancies. I had kidney stones, gallbladder stones, and appendicitis. I even ended up taking narcotics.

nonmember avatar BostonBob

Yes, because the best thing to do is avoid your doctor's advice and do you own crazy sh!t that you read at the supermarket checkout.

mrsary mrsary

JWoww is so pretty in that pic!

Prett... Prettymotherof2

Lol I wanna know how she could stand having the ice pack on that long for it to do that and what kind of cloth ice pack was she using cause oh man oh man. I used one but I never let it sit there and burn me. I was taught how to use a ice pack at a young age lol and it's kinda common sense . Poor girl

nonmember avatar Shannon Brown

If you guys went to her blog on her website, you would see that she said this was her friends back, not hers.

Em Chappell-Root

My sciatica was to the point of leaving me screaming in pain, unable to walk or sit. I tried Tylenol, but my chiropractor also recommended ice packs (which I wrapped in hand towels) and that I slept on for days. Since I returned to work in pain and AMA, I kept wrapped ice packs tucked into the back of my pants and held onto me with an ace bandage so that they hung against my back and so I'd be able to move. I normally had a hard time walking by the end of the day (I worked in a restaurant, 6-10 hours on my feet every shift) and my husband always had to get me out of the car and practically carry me in when I got home, but at least it kept me working.

nonmember avatar Tabatha

I'm a massage therapist & have worked on many pregnant women who suffer from sciatic pain! My dad is also a chiropractor & also works on pregnant women! Massage while you are pregnant is incredible & I suggest it to everyone!

Taaurus Taaurus

Prettymotherof2.....Obviously, you have never suffered from this condition. You want to know how she could leave the ice pack on long enough to cause this? For the same reason i left a heating pad on long enough to cause second degree burns on my back. The reason is because the pain of my burns (and probably the pain of her frost bite) was LESS PAINFUL then the sciatic pain. Think about what i just said. Can you imagine now how painful sciatica is? Especially without even tylenol? And before you question my common sense; I'm a college graduate with excellent common sense skills. So, unless you've ever suffered from sciatica yourself, and know how painful it is, you really are not qualified to comment on her common sense when it came to her trying to alleviate (or take away from) the pain.

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