13 Must-Haves for a Natural Childbirth

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When a woman finds out she is pregnant, there are so many things to learn and think about, from choosing a baby name to how to have the best birth experience possible. She arms herself with knowledge and figures out the best plan for her ... then she realizes that plan may deviate, so she fills her brain with more info and surrounds herself with the right people. That's where the experts come in. To fill the void between good intentions and perfect planning.


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To have a natural birth, sometimes a mom needs a little help. There's no shame in being as best prepared as possible. I spoke with London King, doula and founder of Baby Caravan, and Samantha Huggins, doula and director at Carriage House Birth (both based in NYC), for their insight and tips on what should be a part of someone's natural birth kit. I also consulted with mother of three and natural birth advocate Nathalie Arruda, who recently home birthed baby number three. Here is their valued advice.

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Take a look and decide if these helpful hints should be part of a good birth plan. They might just help in making the difference from having a stressful, uncomfortable pregnancy to ... well, it will be less of those two things. 

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