Holidays: Real-Mom Tips on How to De-Stress

The holidays are  fun, sure -- but they can also amp up your stress level. I read a great article on about how to keep things simple at the holidays, and the tips are good for moms-to-be and already-mommies, too. Some highlights:

Don't feel like you have to attend every event -- if you're pregnant, or already have kids, you're tired. Feel free to use that as an excuse to say no to some things, or to bail out early on others.

Keep wish lists for gifts -- that way you and your hubby aren't just guessing about what to buy. You can stay focused when you shop.

Don't stress if you don't get your holiday cards out -- consider sending "Happy New Year" cards instead to give yourself more time.

bigmama759's tree (that's her photo above) came already decorated -- that's another way to pare back a little when it comes to holiday expectations.

What about you? How are you trying to keep things simple this holiday season?


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