Considering Naming Your Baby Brooklyn? Fuhgeddaboudit

victoria beckham and brooklynCertain baby name trends are exploding, and if you're not on the Frozen baby name bandwagon, there's a very real possibility that you're on another: The one wherein moms are naming their kids after cities, states, and even countries! (Hey, America Ferrera!)

Specifically, Brooklyn -- which Victoria and David Beckham used for their now 15-year-old son -- has been big lately. For girls! It's one of the country's 30 most popular girls' names over the past three years. It's actually more popular than classic picks like Samantha, Allison, and Sarah. Wild! Especially considering that it's the kind of name that people who actually live there are raising their eyebrows about. Sounds like parents in Brooklyn aren't so much a fan of the trend ...


It's actually parents in Utah and elsewhere who are paying tribute to the borough with the baby name. And, of course, who could forget how Ashlee Simpson and ex Pete Wentz showed their love for another borough by naming their little boy Bronx Mowgli?

That said, some people have sweet reasons for giving a place a shout-out on their kid's birth certificate. Blake Lively reportedly wants to pay tribute to the place where she and husband Ryan Reynolds tied the knot by naming a boy Charleston and a girl Carolina. Doesn't sound too crazy, right? It's true that some place names really do double-duty, like Georgia, for instance, or Alexandria, Virginia, and we know Dakota has been getting a lot of play (perhaps thanks to Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson giving their daughter, now Fifty Shades star, the moniker).

But as unique or meaningful as we want names to be, we just have to face the facts that some place names are truly a bit of a stretch. Perhaps especially if you LIVE there! It may just seem, well, too obvious. Too "matchy-matchy." Trying a bit too hard. At least, that's how New Yorkers feel about Brooklyn! But hey, perhaps North Dakotans or Georgians would say the same, too?

Would you ever name your baby after your hometown or state?


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