9 Celebrity Moms Share Their Postpartum Depression Battles

brooke shieldsMany debilitating conditions go unheard of until they're lent a voice by someone famous. Thankfully, for many women suffering from postpartum depression, actresses and stars galore have come out of the woodwork to admit they were affected, too. Unlike "baby blues" -- marked by mood swings and crying spells that come and go pretty quickly -- postpartum depression, which affects up to 13 percent of women, can linger longer and be more intense. The condition can also create challenges with caring for your little one and other daily tasks. In other words, it can be downright debilitating, and women suffering from it need support.

If only for that reason, it's heartening to see celebrities speaking and writing about their own personal experiences with the condition. Here, 9 stars' most poignant quotes about postpartum depression ...

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nonmember avatar me

After my third child was born, I felt great. Flying high, everything was easy. Then all of a sudden few weeks later I thought I was going to die. I had a huge panick attack, ended in the er and for the next several months struggled with severe anxiety and more panick attacks. Little by little it lifted and im not sure it qualifies as postpartum depression, but it was debilitating. For months I was in this fog of constant anxiety and struggled to keep going on.

Charl... Charlyla2

I was dealing with some crazy stuff when my son was born. My husband was struggling with addiction, his job transfered him 3 hours away and he was no help to me. I was trying to figure it out all on my own. I suffered from horrible PPD. I was depressed, I thought about leaving. I thought about killing myself. I thought about killing my baby. I hate admitting that. But the thing I kept telling myself was that this new person needed me. I was the only one who could give him what he needed. I dealt with PPD for 18 months.

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