Tila Tequila's Topless Pregnancy Photo Is Way Too Personal

tila tequilThere's no question that Tila Tequila loves attention. So it doesn't exactly come as a shock that since the Internet star found out she's pregnant, there's been no shortage of info and photos coming straight from the mama-to-be's mouth. But Tila's latest peek inside her pregnancy world could be her most shocking yet. On Monday, Tila posted a topless baby bump photo to her Facebook page, along with the caption, "A pregnant woman's body is a beautiful thing! You should never be ashamed of such a blessing! I'm just here working in my office on my new website, and my jean shorts busted open since I'm now growing at a rapid rate!"

It's a beautiful photo, and Tila's right: No woman should ever be ashamed of such a blessing. But ... shouldn't photos like this be for your and your family's eyes only? Not everyone wants to see this.

tila tequila baby bump

It's beautiful, right? And definitely something Tila could put in an album or hang in her bedroom. Pregnancy photos are always gorgeous (if not awkward), and they're a great way for moms to remember that special time in their lives. But the whole world doesn't need to see your bare-bellied, topless pregnancy pics. Sorry. Pregnancy should always be celebrated -- it's a joyous time! -- but also ... isn't there anything sacred about it? A little something you want to keep for yourself, as opposed to showing it off to your nine million Facebook friends and Twitter and Instagram followers? Share the good news, of course, but racy pregnancy pics for all to see? Seems like a little much. A little mystique can go a long way. Just saying.

What do you think of Tila sharing this photo? Would you post such a pic to Facebook?


Images via Tila Tequila/Facebook

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nonmember avatar krystian

But if it was the o princess, Caitlyn from teen mom, Kim K, or Beyonce, you'd be all over it saying how great it is.

Melissa Larbig

I don't think I would do it myself. I believe in having a little more class on the internet. If she wanted to just hang it up in her living room or use it for personal use that's one thing. Doesn't really bother me though, I'm not judging

balan... balancing-act

She is in adult entertainment I'm sure she didn't think twice about it. In her world this is considered modest.

Antoinette Banghart

And we wonder why there is so much hate in the world. People really need to wake up and look in the mirror, it's beautiful and I say good for her.

Richelle Sheets

I think it's beautiful. It's not trashy or 'too much'. She's proud to show off her baby bump, and she should be!

nonmember avatar Abby

I see pictures sort of similar to this all the time when expecting mothers take maternity pictures so who cares it's a beautiful way to capture a moment of pregnancy

nonmember avatar crystal

I Personally Think Its Beautiful..

Its So True Any Other Major Star People Would Jump On That Bandwagon Saying How Cute It Is And Btw It Will Be The Same Hanging On Your Wall For People To See Just Cause She Put It Up On The Internet She Ok With How Her Body Looks And Wants To Show Off Her Belly… .

nonmember avatar selena

I see nothing wrong with what she did. Her hand is covering her areolas and at least it's not a naked full body shot. I've even posted a waist up top less pregnancy pic. Not much different than a beast feeding pic. Leave the poor woman alone

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