Doctors Operate on Woman They're Sure Isn't Pregnant ... Whoops, There's a 9-Pound Baby!​

newborn handTalk about the mother of all surprises! Rebecca Oldham was admitted to the hospital due to persistent abdominal cramps. She was scheduled to have her "painful" ovaries surgically removed, but doctors soon discovered that the pains Oldham was experiencing were actually a full-term baby.

Wondering how Oldham didn't know she was carrying around a 9-pound baby? So is she! During the months leading up to her hospital visit, she reportedly had three scans, two blood tests, and six pregnancy tests. And nothing showed any signs of a pregnancy.

When doctors made the discovery that Rebecca was, in fact, pregnant, she was unconscious. Before they performed an emergency C-section, they woke her up to tell her the shocking news. "I am so glad they woke me and told me I was going to have another baby," she told reporters. "Even though it was short notice, it was better than waking up and being handed a baby." The cause of, um, how the hell this went undetected for so long is currently being investigated. Experts say that this is extremely rare and believe that the missed pregnancy may have something to do with the fact that the baby boy was lodged so tightly against his mother's back. "He was lodged in, even with the cesarean, they had to use forceps to get him out," Oldham said. "They think the pain was caused by him trying to move around but he couldn't."

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Needless to say, Rebecca and her partner, James Tipene, were floored when they found out they'd be leaving the hospital with a new baby (who they also named James). The couple already has a 20-month-old daughter together, Hayley, and Rebecca was actually told that she likely wouldn't be able to have any more children, due to the fact that there were problems with her ovaries. So, ultimately, this was a happy surprise, but wow! Talk about being rocked to the core. Could you imagine not only suddenly learning that you're a mom of two, but that you were carrying around a 9-pound baby?! Oldham had to have been pretty convinced that she wasn't pregnant, being that she took blood tests and had scans.

Luckily, everyone is healthy, but there was obviously some getting used to after this family of three became a family of four. And hopefully Oldham, and doctors, will soon get to the bottom of this incredibly mystifying case.

How do you think you would react if you found out you were carrying around a 9-pound baby?


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nonmember avatar Sarah

Glad it was a happy surprise and everything worked out! But, WOW, is that a sneaky baby. Sounds like a future ninja to me, lol.

GypsiSky GypsiSky

I'd be thrilled beyond belief, but would hopefully find out a bit sooner than she did, lol. Congratulations to the happy family!!

Luxie Brown

Honestly I am not sure how they did so many tests and it still come up negative. Well I can say that some don't know what they are doing with those tests. I was once told that I wasn't pregnant at all and I had done a EPT at home a week previous with a positive. Ultimately I lost the child cuz I had nothing wrong with me no way no how. My kidney's were actiing up. But congrats to this lady and her family



meagh... meaghan116

I didn't find out Untill I was 26 weeks with dd #2 - I had taken 4 pregnancy tests in the last 4 months (I hadn't had a period in over 2 years ) and was experiencing a lot of fatigue so it crossed my mind I could be pregnant - I followed up with a urine test and blood test at my gyn which were both also negative!! I have a history of stomach problems and the found it on an. Ultrasound at my Gastro !

amberk22 amberk22

I didn't know I was pregnant until I went in to get tested for diabetes. I normally get my period only like twice a year so I was surprised! I don't know if I could handle a days notice though! Glad they were happy and everything turned out OK!

Raind... Raindancerx

Lol. Out of everything that was on here the question was how would you react to having a nine pound baby.. My son was 10 pounds at birth but it wasn't shocking to either of us because big babies runs in both sides of our family.

IHear... IHeartCake

Too bad we won't hear what the medical experts who go back and review her ultrasound images (if they still exist) have to say, because that would be interesting.  How could she be producing so little HCG that the pregnancy tests were negative?  I know that happens but can't understand it.

nonmember avatar mjd

Well, this didn't happen in America. Every country has different health carw regulations. Not to say that this doesn't happen here its just not as frequent.

cherylam cherylam

If it were me... a 9 lb baby boy, my husband & I would be doing a happy dance in the recovery room. We both would be thrilled and filled with joy! Congratulations to the happy family!

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