11 Moms Share Their Craziest Pregnancy Moments

pregnantPregnancy is a beautiful, magical time, but let's get real here, it isn't all yummy omega-rich smoothies and prenatal massages. In addition to the swollen feet, the inability to get comfortable, and having to pee every three minutes, mamas-to-be, and anyone in their crossfire, have to deal with mood swings. Some crazier than others.

We asked mothers for their craziest (no, craziest) pregnancy moments, and wow, we got some doozies! Think that time you cried when you learned the ice cream shop was out of peanut butter swirl was bad? Get a load of these stories.

(And, yes, these ladies, thankfully, can laugh about this now.)

What's the craziest thing you ever did when pregnant?


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nonmember avatar Corinne

I chased a guy out if the restaurant where I worked for throwing a cup a me. He called me a bitched repeatedly right in my face. I told him he was a terrible person. My husband was so mad at me! I was 5 months pregnant with my son.

Charl... Charlyla2

I got married at 7 months pregnant at a pizza joint....during my baby shower. We surprised everyone. Including my parents. Not my best moment. LOL!

Super... Supervane

Most of my pregnancy problems involved food

Sophia Wright

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aasmi... aasmith88

I'm a short person and when I was pregnant the doctors kept telling me basically how fat I was. Finally, I snapped and pointed at my breasts (I was a DD before preganancy and got up to size 34H) have you seen how big they've gotten?! My weight wasn't brought up again. Lol. I also scolded them because they counted my beginning weight after I had lost over 10 pounds due to "morning" sickness.. Didn't find out I was pregnant until over 2 months in..tests kept coming back negative. 

flowe... flowerfunleah

When I was pregnant I wanted nothing more than a rootbeer milkshake with chocolate chips in it, so naturally I went to the ultimate drink stop, Sonic. When I got to Sonic they informed me that they didn't HAVE chocolate chips and I went off on them yelling about how if they're the ultimate drink stop WHY wouldn't they have chocolate chips and wouldn't they have them for their java chip coffee drink???

lol I even wrote an angry email when I got home to them about it.

Calic... CalicoMeezer

I threw up in a cab. I'm visually-impaired, and used Special Transit Services to get to work. I had horrendous morning sickness (24-hour mornings, they were), and got very carsick to boot. I barfed all over myself and the front seat of the cab. I was so mortified, but the little old ladies in the back seat just giggled and assured ne it would get better. The cab driver had 5 kids of his own and gave me all kinds of tips that helped his wife, and let me borrow his cell phone to call in sick to work, since I'd forgotten mine at home. When I called in, I was still feeling like wretching, and crying, and I told them how I'd barfed on my clothes and the cab and that I just couldn't continue this day and needed to go home. I had the very best bosses ever; they told me to not sweat it and eat peppermint.

After we dropped off tge other ladies and were on our way back to my apartment, the cab driver (whose name was Vincent) and I listened to the radio, and when a call-in contest came up, he gave me his phone again to call in to win (I didn't win :/ ). I requested Vincent as my driver every time I called for a cab after that. Lol

Billi... BillieSmiles

I was 6 mo along with my DS, who was very big (almost 10lbs & extra amniotic fluid so I looked ready to pop). When my DD (3 at the time) & I decided to go shopping. When we got out to our truck I saw a man in the front seat rifling through my things & trying to steal my truck! With DD in tow I proceeded to beat on the hood of my truck screaming at the man. "WTF are you doing in my truck, you POS!! I'm gonna kick your ass then have you arrested!!" Not one of my best or smartest moments. DD is 17 now & still remembers her "bad a** preggo mom" as she lovingly describes it. Wigging out on a dude & him running away very worried that I would make good on my promise. My DH still shakes his head & asks what I would have done had the dude fought back..

LadyH... LadyHutch0824

I beat my DH with a laundry basket for asking if there were any clean socks.

Emily Zeb

I chased my boyfriend (now husband) down the street screaming and crying that i hated him because he didnt want me to come with when he hung out with his friends. In my defense he was being a dick about it.

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