8 Useless Things About Birthing Classes According to Moms

baby diaperStep one, you're pregnant. Step two, you try to learn anything and everything you can about babies. Poll your friends, family members, and read every last possible book. But then it comes time to create a birth plan and actually learn how the birthing process works. So naturally, it's time for birthing class.

But between the lessons, tips, and tricks from nurses, do you really come away with anything helpful? Or is it all a bunch of hoopla and forgotten tips?

We asked moms to share the most useless thing they learned in class. Here's what they had to say:

  1. "Once labor day did come, I was so freaked out I couldn't remember a single thing that was taught in class."
  2. "The most useless thing was nutrition because even though I wanted to follow the guidelines, I couldn't get anything down the whole pregnancy."
  3. "They didn't really teach any techniques for dealing with pain. Only one other person -- out of 12 -- was planning on not having any pain medications."
  4. "A lot of the information was somewhat biased and I felt guilty for wanting to do things differently than the black and white way the instructors taught. The classes may have been more helpful if the instructors were a little more open-minded to different parenting styles."
  5. "All of the stupid stuff they added to make the men feel like they were included. There was one class during which they had someone come in and show the men how to give the women hand massages. It was supposed to be something they could do for a woman in labor, but it was ridiculous. The last thing I needed or wanted when I was in labor and trying to concentrate on contractions, was someone squeezing and milking my hand."
  6. "The concept of the husband trying to 'coach' the mother. Back off buster, you're the one who knocked me up. Don't tell me how to have this friggin' baby."
  7. "The most useless thing was the damn breathing....I even tried it during labor and then couldn't catch my breath!"
  8. "I don't need to be taught how to shoot a baby out of my vajayjay."


What did you think about birthing class? Was it useless?


Image via Lance McCord/Flickr

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