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8 Baby Shower Games NOBODY Wants to Play

Pregnancy Jeanne Sager Jun 10, 2014

baby shower gameSo you want to throw a baby shower, huh? And you've got so many ideas in your head that just sound so exciting, you can't wait to put them into action -- especially all these fun baby shower games. Stop! Hold that thought!

Baby showers can be fun, but too many planners lose control when they start filling the day with games that ... it turns out ... just turn people off! If you want to throw the shower of the year, you need to know what not to do!

Whatever you have planned, make sure these eight baby shower games are not on your agenda! Your guests -- and the mom-to-be -- will thank you for it.

What baby shower game drives you up the wall?


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1What's in the Diaper?

So, you think it will be HILARIOUS if you fill diapers with baby food and make everyone sniff them or take a peek to figure out what made the "poop"?

You are planning on serving food at this thing, right? How about not grossing people out to the point of losing their lunch?

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2Drink Up!

Nothing says family-friendly like forcing people to chug massive amounts of alcohol ... from a baby bottle.

If you're going to have alcohol at the shower, how about leaving it in the mimosas and out of the items bound for baby?

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3Hold That Pee

Want to make a pregnant woman feel really uncomfortable? Have everyone at her party stuff a balloon up their shirt, stick a ball between their knees, and then waddle to a glass jar "toilet" to "pee" the ball into it ... because, hardy, har, har, isn't it funny that she walks so funny and really can't see beneath her and is always peeing and ... what?!

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4Trick the Mama

Whether you're blindfolding mom so you can make her eat baby foods and guess what they are or you're making her pin the sperm on the Fallopian tube, it's a little unfair. She's already ungainly, what with that awkward basketball hanging off her front -- can't she just sit down and enjoy the day? Leave mom alone!

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5Don't Say Baby

You know what happens when you forbid people from saying the word "baby" at a baby shower? They get really annoyed ... really fast.

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6How Big Is Mom?

There are a variety of games all based on the one concept: guessing mom's size. Sometimes it involves cutting pieces of string and seeing who can wrap them around her belly. Sometimes it's about guessing her weight. We could go on and on.

But here's the thing: some moms are cool with this, but many feel uncomfortable with their size during pregnancy, and these sort of games only make her feel worse.

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7Baby Daddy

If you're thinking of dressing Dad up like a giant baby because it will be SOOO funny, here's a thought: don't.

Dads don't need to be emasculated. Now's the time to celebrate him as an adult and father-to-be ... you know, someone who is about to take on a HUGE responsibility?

Image by Jeanne Sager

8Frozen Babies

Maybe you've heard it called "My Water Broke" or something along those lines. The premise? Stick a plastic baby in an ice cube, and when the ice cube melts, the person in possession of the freed baby gets to scream and win a prize.

Not the worst game ever, except how creepy do these little babies look? Very. Very.

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