Christina Ricci Shows Off Her Surprise Pregnancy

christina ricciIt seems that pregnancy is catchy, at least it is in Hollywood right now. We're on baby watch with Mila Kunis, Rachel Bilson, and now we can add Christina Ricci to the list. Ricci has been keeping her pregnancy a secret for some time because when a new photo surfaced of her at LAX on Friday, it was clear Ricci has been expecting for quite some time.

Though this selfie she posted last month should have been a hint ... and maybe it was. We just all missed it.


It was at the end of April that 34-year-old Ricci posted this photo to her Twitter, so her sweet little baby bump was hiding under that black t-shirt and a well angled pic. She has a bit of a look on her face that seems to say I'm hiding a secret. She sure was!

When she was photographed outside LAX with husband James Heerdegen (who she married in October) her baby bump was just too big to hide. The truth was out. She looks adorable in an oversized black shirt with tan belt and black leggings. So that means she and her husband decided to work on having kids right away -- or maybe the pregnancy isn't just a surprise to us, but to them as well. Like I say, you'll never be really ready for anything -- particularly having a baby -- so why not roll with life and count your blessings. This baby certainly is one. I don't think there is a "perfect time" to have a baby -- doesn't matter how long a couple is married or not married. Blessings to them.

Heerdegen and Ricci initially met on the set of Pan Am -- the television showed that Christina starred in and James was a cameraman. Very excited for them! I've loved her since The Addams Family and Mermaids!

What do you think of Ricci's baby news?


Image via Christina Ricci/Twitter

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