30 Best Baby Boy Names Inspired by Colors

little boy with rainbow lollipopNicole Richie and Joel Madden may be responsible for starting a recent trend when they named their son Sparrow James Midnight in 2009, because these days, giving kiddos colorful names is all the rage! And baby girls definitely aren't the only ones getting in on the rainbow-lovin' fun.

Plenty of classically masculine and traditional boy names are also inspired by a kaleidoscope of colors. Here, 30 of the most handsome, extraordinary, and charming of the multi-hued bunch ... 

  1. Cyan - The unusual choice, inspired by the green-blue hue, is a solidly unique pick with a built-in nickname: Cy.
  2. Sage - Meaning wise and healthy, the short, strong name for the herb and mossy green color is unisex, but given to boys a third of the time.
  3. Celadon - The almost warrior-sounding name is also that of a soft grayish green. It has declined in popularity recently, making it especially unique.
  4. Cerulean - Although it's technically a unisex name, the name for a deep, ocean blue is considered most appropriate for a boy. It's also just beginning to gain some traction as a baby name, so parents who use it now might be on the cutting edge!
  5. Blu - Thanks to being the middle name of Alicia Silverstone's little boy, the masculine, "e"-free twist on Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter's name has been on the rise for the last three years. But using the "e" can work for a boy, too: Cher named her son Elijah Blue in 1976!
  6. Midnight - Not just a time of day! Also a call-out to the dark, navy blue hue, and also one of the names Nicole Riche gave her son Sparrow James Midnight in 2009. As a middle or first name, it has recently spiked in popularity.
  7. Rusty - Generally an abbreviation or nickname for Russell, it also brings to mind the brown-ish red hue of, well, rust. Though it used to be a go-to in the '80s (maybe thanks to it being Clark Griswold's son's name in the National Lampoon's Vacation series), it's definitely less popular (and therefore more unique!) these days.
  8. Auburn - Although it could be considered gender-neutral, most baby naming sites point to this autumnal reddish color for boys. 
  9. Slate - The color of old-school blackboards also makes for a masculine, short, and strong pick that has been ebbing and flowing in popularity for the past 10 years!
  10. Gray - You could also spell it Grey or Grayson (which is English and means "the son of the bailiff"). Fans of Fifty Shades of Grey may consider it a tribute to their favorite leading man. Or it could be a nod to former Gov. Gray Davis of California or Graydon Carter, editor of Vanity Fair. Grayer is another variation, which was used in the book The Nanny Diaries.
  11. Sterling - Mad Men fans will think of silver-haired fox Roger Sterling, but the name -- which is a shade of gray and means "of the highest quality" -- rose 96 spots between 2012 and 2013.
  12. Red - Or Redd. This straightforward, super-succinct, fiery color name may still be rather rarely used, but it also appears to be on the rise.
  13. Tanner - The leather color name and popular name for soap opera characters is actually widely used, currently ranking at #197.
  14. Jet - Bringing to mind the color black, this edgy name is on the rise, reaching #324. You could also go with Jett, which both John Travolta and George Lucas used for their sons.
  15. Hunter - The shade of green is one of the MOST popular these days, ranking at #36. Fans of gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson might dig it especially, as well as fans of Lost actor Josh Holloway, who used it for his son.Best Color Inspired Boys Names
  16. Roux - Up 22 percent in popularity in just the last week, this boy's name of Latin origin means "russet" or brownish red. It was also the name of Johnny Depp's character in Chocolat.
  17. Roan - Or Rowan, which means "little redhead" and was used by actress Sharon Stone for one of her three sons. While neither spelling is used that frequently in the U.S., it's in the top 100 in the Netherlands.
  18. Ivory - A unisex pick, this rare name is used more frequently for girls, but is still a handsome choice for a boy.
  19. Granite - The mineral color is on the rise as a cool choice for boys and currently ranks at #234.
  20. Brick - The masculine red tone and name of the hero in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is a rare option that brings to mind someone strong and reliable.
  21. Ash - Could be a more masculine nickname for the unisex (but now solidly female) choice Ashley, who was Scarlett O'Hara's first love in Gone With the Wind. Variations also include Ashton or Asher. Ash itself ranks #210 on Nameberry these days.
  22. Beige - On the rise, the name is a solid neutral -- color and gender-wise!
  23. Raven - Though this can be a girl's name (think Raven-Symone), it's also a dark, mysterious pick for boys. Perhaps especially for parents who are Edgar Allen Poe fans?
  24. Steel - Another one from the gray family, moms who are fans of the shiny metal color may want to consider this unique (doesn't even rank in the top 1,000!) option for their little boy.
  25. Tyrian - The shade of purple is very rarely used, but is definitely an option that comes complete with a pretty common nickname: Ty.  It was also used in The Chronicles of Narnia, The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis and as the name of a tactical officer on Star Trek!
  26. Teal - This unique, unisex name pays tribute to the grayish-greenish-blue color and a type of wild duck.
  27. Copper - Although it could be used as a girl's name, there's burgeoning curiosity around boys being called the name of the red-brown metal. Though parents who are into it may want to consider whether they mind their boy being confused for a Cooper -- or policeman!
  28. Silver - Declining in popularity lately, this metallic, gender-neutral name actually seems to be more frequently used for boys than girls.
  29. Bruno - As in Mars or DWTS judge Bruno Tonioli, but it means "brown" in German. It was one of the fastest rising boy names in 2013, reaching #647 after rising 150 spots.
  30. Coal - An increasingly popular respelling of the more traditional Cole nods to the combustible black or dark brown rock.

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Which of these baby names would you consider? Any others inspired by colors?

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