25 Rude Things Moms Have Heard Upon Announcing They're Pregnant Again

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When you announce your first pregnancy, friends, coworkers, and family members all but pop a bottle of champagne and sit you down and start rubbing your feet. The joy! The excitement! So, naturally, when you tell people you're pregnant again, you're going to get that same jubilant reaction, right? Wrong. Maybe it's because you've been there, done that, but second (and third, and fourth) pregnancies don't seem to get quite the glee-filled responses first pregnancies get. Take it from moms who've experienced this first-hand.

Here are 25 obnoxious comments women have actually heard after telling people they're pregnant again.



1. "When announcing my fourth pregnancy, my friend said, 'You do know what causes that, right?'"

2. "My sister-in-law asked me how I was feeling during my third pregnancy. I told her I was pretty tired. She said, 'And you're having another one?!'"

3. "You are done after this ... aren't you?"

4. "Again?!"

5. "Don't you feel bad that you're not going to pay as much attention to your daughter now?"

6. "One is easy ... just wait until you have two."

7. "With all the forms of birth control out there, there is no reason why someone should be pregnant if they don't wanna be." Well duh lady ... we wanted to be!

8. "Seriously?"

9. "But you have one of each. Why would you want to mess that up?"

10. "Please tell me it was a mistake."

11. "Are you sure? I mean you just had a baby."

12. "Wait, didn't you have fertility treatment last time?"

13. "God must have a sense of humor if he let your husband reproduce again."

14. "Now you will have to have a fourth baby so everyone can have someone to ride roller coasters with."

15. "It's hard enough finding someone to watch two kids, good luck finding someone to watch three."

16. “Don't you know what rubbers are?”

17. "So who is getting fixed after this one, you or your husband?"

18. "You shouldn't have married a Mormon, because he is always going to keep you barefoot and pregnant.”

19. “My mother told my sister, ‘She’s just trying to get a reaction out of me.’”

20. “With my last pregnancy, my boss told me I needed to have an abortion and get my tubes tied.”

21. "But you already have so many!”

22. “This one better be a boy.”

23. “Kids are expensive, you should have thought about that.“

24. "Again? Y'all need to put a sock in it.”

25. "But you're not married!”

Yikes! What's a rude pregnancy comment you've heard?


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