25 Baby Girl Names Inspired by Saints

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Know you have a baby girl on the way? Congratulations! Now it's time to pick a baby name, and you'd be smart to pick one with a good history. You can't do better than a saint name -- particularly one of the patron saints who can look over your little one as they grow.

From Alexis to Zita, we've got you covered with 25 names for little girls inspired by saints. Each one is a patroness of something special.


1. Alexis -- St. Alexis was a man and patron saint of beggars, but his name has become popular with parents of little girls looking for a strong moniker. After all, it means to defend.

2. Agatha -- Looking for a throwback name? There won't be a ton of Agathas in your little girl's preschool, but she'll certainly have someone to look up to. St. Agatha is the patron of nurses.

3. Apollonia -- Another name that falls under the "unique" category, it's never been ranked in the top 1,000 baby names. Ever! Speaking of things that won't happen -- she's patroness of toothaches. May the teething stage be smooth sailing.

4. Catherine -- Set your little scholar on her way to greatness with a name from the patroness of students.

5. Bernadette -- The patroness of shepherds, St. Bernadette Soubirous is famous for being the first to see Mary appear in a field in Lourdes, France. Although an uneducated peasant, she wasn't afraid -- or willing to be quiet when people didn't believe her. The name was popular in the 1940s but has fallen out of fashion.

6. Brigid -- Irish moms who want to keep their culture alive have a perfect pick in St. Brigid of Kildare -- the patron saint of Ireland.

7. Jeanne -- You've heard of Joan of Arc? Well, her name in her native France -- for which she's the patron saint -- was really Jeanne, meaning God is gracious.

8. Cecilia -- A lyrical name for the patron saint of musicians.

9. Clare -- Who would have thought there'd be a patron saint of television? No surprise the name means famous!

10. Colette -- The patron of women trying to conceive, this triumphant name means victory of the people.

11. Felicity -- A happy name for the patron saint of moms!

12. Louise -- St. Louise de Marillac is patron of social workers.

church mosaic tiles of a saint13. Genevieve -- A name of both Celtic and French origins, your little girl could share it with the patron saint of Paris. Ooh, la la!

14. Gianna -- One of the more recently canonized saints, Gianna Beretta Molla was a doctor and mother in Italy. Naturally she's a patroness of moms and physicians! The Italian name means God is gracious.

15. Maria -- The patron saint of the young (and young at heart!), the name means "wished-for child." How appropriate! 

16. Lucy -- The patron of the blind and eye disorders, Lucy was a Sicilian martyr.

17. Kiara -- Not much is known about this Irish saint, but her name is lovely. As for its meaning, it's a little mysterious: black-haired one.

18. Kateri -- A relatively new saint -- she was canonized in 2012 -- Kateri was Native American and lived in the 1600s in what is now New York. She is the patron of environment and ecology.

19. Monica -- A favorite with moms, Saint Monica is the patron of mothers! No wonder the name means "to advise."

20. Philomena -- It only seems fitting for a little girl born after her parents struggled with infertility to be named for the issue's patron. And you can bet she'll be feisty with a name that means "lover of strength."

21. Rita -- The Beatles aren't the only ones who have a thing for lovely Rita. She's the patron saint of parents!

22. Rose -- St. Rose of Lima is watching over all of South America, so why not your baby girl too? 

23. Ursula -- Think the patron of young girls, not the sea witch, for this name with a nod to nature that means "she-bear."

24. Teresa -- Prone to migraines? Hopefully a little girl named for St. Teresa of Avila, patron saint of -- you guessed it -- headaches, can help!

25. Zita -- A unique name but a beautiful one, it comes from the patroness of domestic workers.

Which ones are your favorites?

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