Dad Films Baby Moving Like Crazy in Mom's Belly (VIDEO)

baby moving in bellyOne of the coolest, craziest, and even most eyebrow-raising aspects of being pregnant is feeling your little one kick and hiccup and move about in your belly. Even weirder: When you can see the baby's movements almost clear as day right through your stomach!

A dad named Ryan Cragun caught this very thing on camera when his wife Debi was 36 weeks pregnant, and the captivating video went viral. He calls it "probably the best footage I've seen of a child moving inside it's mother's belly," and judging from how many times it's been watched, it seems viewers agree! Check it out ...


So cool! And what an awesome way for this couple to be able to look back on the pregnancy and show their son all the cool flips and dips he was doing in utero.

As strange as it may feel in the moment, it clearly pays for dad-to-be, big brother or sister, or any other loved one to whip out the camera! Goes to show that there are plenty of unique moments in pregnancy, beyond the traditional baby bump pics, to be documented and treasured for years to come.

Did you ever see your baby moving like this?


Image via Ryan Cragun/YouTube

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