30 Beautiful Baby Names for Girls Inspired by Colors ​

Best Color-Inspired Baby Names for GirlsDrew Barrymore may have settled on Frankie for her second daughter's name, but for a moment there, she considered Hazel. The reason she decided against it? She had already named her eldest Olive, and two shades of green were a no-go! Aww! But it goes to show baby girls names reminiscent of all parts of the rainbow are more popular than ever!

Here, 30 of the most popular, beautiful color-inspired baby names for girls ...

  1. Violet - While some of us may think of gum-loving Violet Beauregarde from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck gave new life to this classic name when they gave it to their eldest daughter. As a result, Violet is now solidly in the U.S. Top 100.
  2. Rose - Not just the name of Kate Winslet's iconic character in Titanic. The timeless name currently ranks at #224 as a first name, but has recently enjoyed a huge wave of popularity as a middle name.
  3. Bianca - Mick Jagger's first wife and two of Shakespeare's female characters (in The Taming of the Shrew and Othello) all share this lovely Italian name, which is on the rise and means simply "white."
  4. Amber - As in Heard, Johnny Depp's fiancee, or Riley, the leading lady behind Glee's Mercedes Jones, and the antagonist in Clueless. Of course, it also brings to mind the golden-hued gemstone.   
  5. Ebony - Meaning "deeply black wood," the name reached peak popularity in the '80s and has been trending downward since, so it may be a more unique pick these days.
  6. Ruby - Chosen by Tobey Maguire for his daughter, the precious gem name has solidly made its way into the top 100 for girls in the U.S., currently ranking at #93.
  7. Scarlett - O'Hara? Not necessarily. Though it may still conjure visions of the Gone with the Wind heroine, Scarlett Johansson probably gets credit for making the name so beloved these days. The White Stripes' Jack White and Karen Elson have a Scarlett, as does Sly Stallone (though she's Scarlet).
  8. Oliv- Comin' in at #291, Drew isn't the only celeb who has used this trendy color name. It's shared by Abigail Breslin's adorable character in Little Miss Sunshine, Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen's daughter, plus country singer Jake Owen's little girl.
  9. Hazel - The other green-ish name that Drew was considering naming Frankie has enjoyed a recent boost. It's also the name of Emily Blunt and John Krasinski's daughter, as well as Julia Roberts and Danny Moder's eldest, born in 2004. It currently ranks at #157.
  10. Indigo - The name of a deep blue-purple dye from plants native to India is one of the many color names predicted to soon enjoy a serious upswing. Lou Diamond Phillips used it for his daughter.
  11. Jade - Mick and Bianca Jagger chose this precious green stone hue for their daughter in 1971, and it currently ranks at #126.
  12. Goldie - As in Hawn, of course! The Anglicized form of Yiddish Golde (Fiddler on the Roof, anyone?) or Golda may be making a comeback if shoe guru Steve Madden's daughter's name -- and a character on The New Normal is any indication.
  13. Lavender - Dating back to the eighteenth century, the English plant and color name also used to be used for boys!
  14. Pink - Ever since the pop star (born Alecia) stepped on the scene in 2000, the name has been even more viable for little girls. It's bounced 93 percent in popularity this past week alone!
  15. Cherry - Not the most popular color name in the book these days, but a possible twist on other fruit names, like Gwyneth Paltrow's Apple or the increasingly intriguing Plum.
  16. Marigold - A sunny flower name that's getting more buzz lately, but continues to be rather unique.
  17. Hyacinth - The purple-hued name is a rare but exotic pick used in the British sitcom Keeping Up Appearances.
  18. Sienna - As in Miller, the English actress who has helped popularize this warm brown hue as a pretty option for girls that anchorwoman Campbell Brown and actor Kevin James both chose for their daughters. You could also go with Siena.
  19. Coco - The name of Courteney Cox's 9-year-old daughter is shared by none other than one of the most famous designers of all time, of course, Coco Chanel, for whom it was a nickname.
  20. Pearl - Ever so slightly on the rise, what was once seen as a dated name is getting a new wave of love thanks to celebs like Mia Rudolph, Jack Osbourne, Busy Phillips, and Jake Owen who have used it as either a first or middle name for their daughters.
  21. Clementine - In French, Clementine means "clemency, or mercy," but the girl name -- which Claudia Schiffer and Ethan Hawke have both opted for -- brings to mind the orange fruit.
  22. Coral - First used in the Victorian era, the color and nature-inspired name could be lumped in with similar names Pearl and Ruby, but it's not quite as popular yet.
  23. Mauve - The French name calls to mind the violet hue and a pretty Victorian-era name that could be primed for a comeback, if only as a middle name.
  24. Blue - Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter is sure to inspire a whole generation of Blues if we give it enough time. Fun fact: John Travolta and Kelly Preston used the name first for their daughter Ella's middle name, although they spell it Bleu.
  25. Ivory - Not just the name of a wedding dress color anymore, the still rare name is quickly rising in popularity, reentering the Top 1000 recently at #866.
  26. Raven - May bring to mind Symone, the former child star, the name currently comes in at #516.
  27. Saffron - Fit for foodies, the name of the yellow spice tends to be more popular in the U.K.: Consider English actress Saffron Burrows or the character on the cult classic British TV series Absolutely Fabulous, Saffron "Saffy" Monsoon.
  28. Lilac - True Blood actor Stephen Moyer named his daughter after the flower and color in 2002.
  29. Silver - Fans of the 90210 reboot may remember the character  Erin Silver (Kelly Taylor's little sis!) who went by her last name. Perhaps she'll inspire moms to try the hippie-ish moniker on for size.
  30. Sage - Another herb/color name that is unisex and rising in popularity. Meaning "wise" and "healthy," and actress Toni Collette gave her daughter the name in 2008.

Which of these baby names would you consider? Any others inspired by colors?

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