Alyssa Milano Announces Baby's Sex In Emotional Video

alyssa milanoThe adorable Alyssa Milano is pregnant with baby number two and we've been taking guesses on if it's going to be a boy or a girl since we first found out. She and husband David Bugliari already have a boy -- Milo is 2 years old.

Alyssa decided to make a little video to reveal baby number two's gender. The excitement is pouring out of her and I've got to warn you ... her emotions are contagious.

It's a girl! And Alyssa can barely contain the tears when she shared the info. Just when she says, "David, Milo, and I could not be happier" I can feel the waterworks coming on. When she put her hand over her mouth, I felt all those emotions she was feeling. I remembered when I found out the genders of my twins. First I found out I was having a boy, and in my head, as the doctor was checking, I was thinking girl. And sure enough, a girl! Sometimes moms just know.

I know some of us like to keep the gender a secret and wait until birth to know, but for those who want to know, when you find out you start putting more of a picture together of what you think little baby is going to be like. Maybe Alyssa even has some of her own baby clothes she can share with this little bundle. What a special time! Now we can start dreaming of baby girl names.

What do you think of how Alyssa revealed her baby's gender? How did you share the news once you found out what you were having?

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best_... best_mom_of4

She really didn't see to happy as if she wanted a boy all babies are a blessing

Railr... RailroadGirl

Oh best mom shut up. I had three boys and while they are all blessings I really did want a girl. So get off your high horse and come back to reality that some parents would favor one sex over another sometimes

my_bo... my_boys2007

If I was pregnant and found out I was having a girl I would be more excited than if I was having a boy.I already have boys,

so of course I would rather have a girl.But I love my boys and woudnt traid them for anything.

Andrea Barrett

best_mom_of4 get over yourself! Always someone trying to rain on the parade!!!......


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