7 Ways Sex Will Be Different After Giving Birth

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It's the miraculous day that you -- oh, okay, that your husband -- has been eagerly awaiting for the last 6 weeks. Congrats -- it's the day you go for your 6-week postpartum checkup and find out the only thing anyone really wants to know: whether you're clear to start having sex again!

Wait, you're not excited by this? You're exhausted and feeling a little puffy still and haven't even thought of switching out of your big ole maternity panties yet? You are not alone. Getting busy again after spending such a long stretch feeling like an asexual, nursing couch potato isn't easy. And there are some things you may have to get used to -- at least for a few weeks or months after birth. Here are 7 ways postpartum sex might be different.

1. Your breasts might leak. If you're nursing, you have the advantage of looking like a porn star with your gigantic boobs, which can be fun. Know what's not so fun? Wiping away breast milk from your husband's chest.
2. Flatulence can happen at any time. At 6 weeks, our bodies are still getting used to dealing with a great many hormonal changes, and gas is an unfortunate side effect of that. Watching what you eat may be the best thing you can. And remember: it's normal and will pass.
3. Your linea negra is probably still visible. No biggie -- it will fade in no time. But the dark line that runs along your abdomen may remind you or your spouse that you just had a baby, which could kill the mood.
4. Timing is everything -- which can be pretty annoying. You have to make sure sex falls within your breastfeeding/bottle feeding schedule, or else be prepared for a major interruption. So that gives you between 2 and 3 hours -- no worries!
5. Your newborn probably still sleeps in a bassinet by your bed. Since having sex inches away from a baby is the opposite of hot, you and your husband will probably resort to doing it over your living room table and then making believe this is sexier and more spontaneous than it actually is.
6. You will constantly wonder if you feel "looser." Your partner will swear you don't. You will NEVER believe him.

7. If you have had an episiotomy, you will always fear your stitches will reopen. They won't. I promise.

What did you find different about sex 6 weeks after you gave birth?


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