16 Best Baby Shower Game Ideas

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Baby showers are wonderful when they're being thrown in your honor. But for attendees, watching onesie after onesie get unwrapped can get dull after a while. One of the trickiest things about planning a baby shower is coming up with things to do to keep guest entertained in between the eating, cake cutting, and gift opening. The best time-fillers? Games! Baby-themed games, more specifically.


There's the perfect shower game for every gathering, whether the group is the type to create teams and start chanting against each other and hold a grudge forever against the winner, or if they're the more sit-quietly and enjoy a laugh because we're all friends kind of bunch. There are games that will have everyone on their feet, games that even the guys can get in on, and games where no one has to leave their seats.

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When people are being kind enough to give up an afternoon to come to a baby shower (not to mention bringing a gift), showing them a great time is key. Making sure the food and cake are stellar is easy, but it's the entertainment that they will remember forever. No one wants guests to be bored at a baby shower, and games are a great way to prevent that from happening. Here are 16 baby shower games everyone is sure to love. 

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