Snooki's Reaction to Finding Out Her Baby's Gender Is Priceless (VIDEO)

SnookiNicole "Snooki" Polizzi couldn't be pregnant at a better time in her life. Her son Lorenzo with fiance Jionni LaValle is 20 months, and they'd wanted their kids close in age. Plus, her BFF Jenni "JWOWW" Farley is pregnant too, and there's nothing quite like a pregnancy buddy, amirite?

Due with baby number two in the fall, Snooki just found out the gender! And of course she did it in a super cute way. Jionni knew whether it's a boy or a girl, but she didn't. So he filled a big box with balloons and had her and Lorenzo open it to find out.

"Jionni knows what we're having, and he put balloons in a bin for [me and Lorenzo]," the Jersey Shore alum said in this short but sweet clip. "So we're going to find out what we're having right now, and we're so excited."

I love how she tries to get Lorenzo excited about it, but he's all -- whatevs, mom. "You ready?" she asks him. "You're gonna have a sister or brother. No, you don't want it now? You want to be an only child? Well, you're not."

Take a look and see what she's having!

It's a girl!! Life's a peach with one of each! And oh my, I can't even imagine the adorableness of this little one becoming best friends with JWOWW's baby, because she's expecting a little girl too! And heaven help them when they start dating, because I have a feeling Lorenzo is going to be a protective big brother.
I also love her reaction so much. "Yay! We're having a girl! Oh God, kill me." Later in the vid she admits, "I don't know how I feel about it ... I'm terrified."
She has said before that the idea of having a little girl was not one she enjoyed entertaining. She said, "I'm not ready to have a miniature me. I don't need a diva telling me what to do. I'm not ready for that."
Ready or not, she's coming soon! And as the mom to two girls myself, it's not so bad, Snooki. Hahahaha! Just kidding! It's terrifying. But most of motherhood is anyway, so what are you gonna do?
Do you think girls or boys are harder to parent?
Image via Snooki/YouTube

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cheya... cheyanne1234

She is so lucky lol I'm sure I'm gonna have 3 or 4 boys before I get my girl. I just know it lol

linzemae linzemae

I was terrified when I found out mine was a girl. Now, I couldn't imagine having a boy. Gosh isn't Lorenzo the cutest thing!

Em Chappell-Root

Girls are SOOO much harder than boys. We have 3 boys, one girl (she's second from the youngest) and despite our trying hard not to let her be spoiled, she's such a diva. Maybe it's because she's only 3 years old, but she screams whenever she doesn't get her way, cries, and is meaner than all the boys. I told my husband, "She's just like our sisters, we're screwed!"

TheSi... TheSilence

I remember when I was told we were having a girl with our first. I was so terrified because I know that drama with girls.

Surprise she ended up being a boy.

With our second when they said girl I said, oh well we will have a boy again. Nope we have a girl!

She's not as laid back as our son yet, but she is very sweet! So worth it!

Lucki... Luckicharmz

Not sure, id say its a pretty even split. Our oldest was a girl and then and then we had a boy. There's some things easier with girls like shopping, school etc. Then theres things that are easier with boys, getting them dressed, food, sports etc.   It's all in looking at the positives of each

Cari Poissant

Im soo proud of her for growing up and being such a wonderful parent! Lorenzo is just adorable!!!


kysma... kysmama08

She didn't really seem that excited.

nonmember avatar mel

Didn't seem that excited and it didn't seem that real ... like she already had known before hand

.anon... .anonymous

People are so judgemental. It was a cute video. Boys are easier.

nonmember avatar McFurley

My daddy used to say- with a boy, you only have to worry about one boy. with a girl, you have to worry about ALL the little boys!

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