25 Baby Boy Names Inspired by Saints

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When picking a baby name, there are plenty of things for parents to consider. Does it flow with the last name? Is it too weird? And, of course, who else had the name? Were they a good person?

One way to solve the last one? Pick a saint's name! A popular practice with many Christians -- in fact, Catholic parents typically use the name of a canonized saint as either the first or middle name of their little one. Some priests even require it before they will baptize a baby.

Looking for a saint name that will fit your baby boy? Here are 25 that just might fit the bill:


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1. Aaron -- Sometimes spelled Aihran, he's the patron saint of anybody who lives a passionate and steadfast life. Not bad traits for a little guy!

2. Adrian -- A saint with a storied history, he was a pagan who became a Christian ... and was jailed and tortured for standing up for what he believed in. He's the patron saint of plague, epilepsy, arms dealers, butchers, guards, soldiers.

3. Alexander -- There are several saints who bear this name. The name means "defender of the people," and it's ripe for nicknames -- from Alex to Lex to Xander!

4. Ambrose -- He's the patron saint of the Milan (as in the Italian city), beekeepers, and honeymakers, and his name means "immortal."

5. Basil -- You might have a future doctor on your hands if you go with this name -- he's the patron saint of hospital administrators as well as a delicious herb.

6. Benedict -- Boys with this name share it with a recent pope, plus a saint known for patronage of "happy death." A little too dark for you? Benedictine monks, who bear the saint's name, have a motto of peace. Not to mention, the name means "blessed."

7. Bernard -- If you think you've got an adventurer on your hands, you might want to go with this name -- he's the patron saint of mountain climbers!

8. Blaise -- Love animals? So did Saint Blaise; he's their patron as well as the patron of throat illness (in fact, blessings of the throat bear his name).

9. Christopher -- The patron saint of travelers; his name means Christ-bearer.

10. Damien -- Unofficially the patron saint of those with HIV and AIDS, Saint Damien had a huge heart -- he worked with lepers, the people no one wanted to be around. Can you think of a better role model for a little guy than someone who went out of his way for those who were ignored by society?

11. Dominic -- Little boys with this name are bound to do big things -- after all, Saint Dominic is the patron of astronomers.

12. Francis -- St. Francis of Assisi is well known as patron saint of animals, and blessings of critters are often held in his name.

13. Gabriel -- A little boy named for Gabriel, the archangel, will also bear the name of the patron of communications workers.

14. Gerard -- Talk about a fit name for a baby -- St. Gerard is patron saint of expectant mothers!

15. Jerome -- Give your future scholar a name that suits him -- Jerome is the patron saint of librarians!

16. Jude -- St. Jude Thaddeus is the patron saint of desperate cases, and a hospital bears his name!

17. Kilian -- The patron saint of sufferers of rheumatism, his name is Irish and can also be spelled Killian or Cillian.

18. Louis -- The patron saint of hairdressers and France (yes, the country), the name has some seriously royal roots. A long line of French Louises were kings!

19. Luke -- Expect great things from a little boy named for St. Luke, patron of physicians and surgeons.

20. Patrick -- One of the most famous saints of all, St. Patrick is known for driving the snakes from Ireland. And he has one heckuva fun holiday!

21. Paul -- Another one of the better known saints, Paul used to be a favorite in America, but it's fallen out of fashion. But maybe it's time for a comeback? If you're not sold on the name, St. Paul the Apostle's real name was Saul.

22. Philip -- If you've got a taste for sweets while pregnant, how about naming your little guy for Saint Philip, patron saint of pastry makers? The name means lover of horses.

23. Raphael -- Not just a ninja turtle, Raphael the Archangel is the patron saint of doctors and love!

24. Sebastian -- An elegant name from the patron saint of athletes.

25. Vincent -- Saint Vincent de Paul has a charitable society named after him in England because he was, after all, the "Apostle of Charity" and "Father of the Poor." Not a bad legacy. The name itself means conquering.

Have you been considering a saint name? Why?


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